Rural residents told to evacuate as bushfire approaches

People are being told to leave their homes immediately.

Residents in a rural town in central Queensland have been told to immediately leave their homes as a fast-moving bushfire approaches.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services issued the warning to residents of Emerald about 1.15pm on Sunday, saying the warning area covered homes along Selma Rd between Emerald and Fairbairn Dam Rd.

The warning area included the Fairbairn State Forest and residents had to leave immediately, the service said.

“A fast-moving fire is burning near (Fairbairn) State Forest. It is expected to impact Selma Road within the coming hours,” the warning said.

“Your life could be at risk. It will soon be too dangerous to drive.”

Firefighting aircraft were being used to help crews on the ground contain the fire.

The service warned people in Emerald to call triple zero if their lives were in danger, and to not expect a firefighter at their door.

Power, water and mobile phone services could soon stop working, smoke would make it hard to see and breathe, and it would be hot and loud with potential explosions nearby, the service said.

It warned people to check for road closures before they left via the QLD Traffic website and said if they didn’t leave, they could be isolated.

Those who could not leave safely were advised to find a safe place to shelter, preferably in a brick building, and to seal vents.

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