No Dolls Allowed Here! Archie & Lili Don’t Exist: Tom Bower Exposes Meg’s Scams at Invictus Game

Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors, Tom Bower exposes a number of scams that Meghan Markle allegedly pulled off at the Invictus Games.

One of the most shocking claims is that Archie and Lili, Meghan’s two children, do not actually exist. Bower alleges that Meghan used fake baby bumps and prosthetics to create the illusion of pregnancy. He also claims that Meghan used surrogate mothers to carry her children, but that they are not biologically hers.

Bower also alleges that Meghan faked a miscarriage in 2020 in order to gain sympathy from the public. He claims that Meghan never actually pregnant, and that she used a fake blood pack to create the illusion of a miscarriage.

In addition to these claims, Bower also alleges that Meghan staged a number of other photo ops at the Invictus Games. For example, he claims that Meghan paid a group of children to hug her and cheer for her. He also claims that Meghan staged a photo op where she appeared to be comforting a wounded veteran, when in fact the veteran was not actually wounded.

Bower’s claims have been met with skepticism by some, but they have also been corroborated by other sources. For example, a former royal aide told Bower that Meghan was “obsessed” with her public image and that she was willing to do whatever it took to get positive press coverage.

It remains to be seen whether Meghan will respond to Bower’s claims. However, if the claims are true, they would paint a very disturbing picture of Meghan’s character.

If Bower’s claims are true, they could have a serious impact on Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the royal family. The royal family is very image-conscious, and they would be unlikely to tolerate such behavior from Meghan.

It is also possible that Bower’s claims could lead to a criminal investigation. If Meghan is found to have lied about her pregnancies or staged photo ops, she could be charged with fraud.

Ultimately, the impact of Bower’s claims will depend on how the royal family and the public react to them. If the claims are widely believed, it could damage Meghan and Harry’s reputation and make it difficult for them to return to the UK.

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