Madison Beer opens up about her relationship with brother Ryder Beer: ‘I could have cared more’

LOS ANGELES,  CALIFORNIA: Madison Beer Beer who got meteoric fame after Justin Bieber tweeted her YouTube cover of Etta James’ song ‘At Last’ when she was 13, recently opened up about her relationship with brother, Ryder Beer.

The singer-songwriter opened up about her complex connection with younger brother, and why she thought it was time to “give him a little song” on her new album in a recent interview for the infinite scroll podcast.

Madison’s second album, ‘Silence Between Songs’, was made available on September 15.

The 14 tracks on the album, which were all co-written by Madison, are influenced by artists like Tame Impala, The Beach Boys, and Lana Del Rey.

What did Madison say?

Talking about her latest album, The heartfelt ballad ‘Ryder’, on track five, is dedicated to Ryder Beer, her younger brother.


With lyrics like, “All that’s unspoken / All the years that werе stolen / You were still in that housе/ I shouldn’t have left you behind,” Madison thanks her brother for staying by her and apologizes to him for how her career affected his childhood.

“What inspired me to write it, I would say, was mainly just you know, getting a bit older and being able to have like, these perspectives on our relationship and look at things from his point of view,” Beer told infinite scroll co-hosts Lauren Meisner and Jordyn Christensen.


“Even though I was also a kid, maybe I did things that hurt him in ways that I wasn’t aware of just being able to be accountable for some of those things.”

Madison continues by describing how Ryder’s childhood was impacted by the fact that she began her career so early.

Madiosn Beer's childhood picture with brother Ryder (@ryderbeer/Instagram)
Madiosn Beer’s childhood picture with brother Ryder (@ryderbeer/Instagram)


“We both have just had like, an interesting life, an interesting dynamic. I think it’s like, been very complex,” she says.

Madison added, “And it’s only been in recent years that I’ve been able to really think about it and be like, I’ve spent a lot of time doing my own work on my mental health and on things that have happened to me and you know, certain experiences that I’ve lived through but it has only been in recent years that I’ve been like well at that same time he was going through a lot as well that I wasn’t even thinking about. And I can admit that now.”

“I could have been more attentive towards (Ryder)I could have cared more, I could have included him more, I could have just, yeah, done things differently I guess,” she later concluded.


How Madison’s brother reacted on listening to her album?

During the podcast, Madison revealed that, when her brother listened to the album, it was really emotional moment.

She said, “We were at our house in New York, where we grew up. He was with a bunch of his friends and usually when I come home from LA, and especially in this time when I was making such a large quantity of music, I always had like 10 songs to play him and his friends.”

Madison said she asked Ryder to come out to the car with her so she could suprise him while playing the song, just the two of them.

Madison Beer shares a cute bond with younger brother Ryder (@ryderbeer/Instagram)


“When I plugged in my phone, it said ‘Ryder’ on the screen,” she says.

“He was like, super weirded out and then the second the song started playing and he heard the first opening lyrics, like ‘Grew up in the house, So I know why you lash out,’ I could tell he was like, ‘oh boy, this is going to be something serious’.”

Beer then added, “I just have one specific memory of him, looking out the window of the car and I could just see, like a tear roll down his face.”

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