Kai Cenat’s ‘first time’ ZaZa session alongside Offset goes viral, Internet dubs Twitch king as a ‘clown’

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Prominent Twitch personality Kai Cenat recently shared a livestream clip on YouTube featuring him partaking in ‘ZaZa’ with Offset. The video swiftly gained traction on various platforms, including Twitter.

Social Media Reacts To Offset and Kai Cenat's 24-Hour Stream

In the livestream, Offset initially indulged in ZaZa, and Cenat followed suit. For those unfamiliar, ZaZa, also known as Tia or Tianna, refers to Tianeptine, a drug that has been gaining popularity. It’s a synthetic substance with opioid-like effects and is federally legal.


Kai Cenat shared some ZaZa with Offset (@kaicenat/Instagram)


Offset offers Kai Cenat ZaZa

A livestream clip circulated on Twitter featuring Cenat’s first encounter with ‘ZaZa’. Currently, Cenat is gaining widespread attention across various platforms for his 24-hour livestream collaboration with rapper Offset.

During the livestream, Offset was seen indulging in a cigar filled with ZaZa and taking a puff. Observing this, Cenat exclaimed, “Oh s**t. What’s up, bro?” Offset encouraged Cenat to try it, and he seemed to be referring to a large-sized marijuana cigar, sometimes called a “torpedo” due to its shape. “Torpedo is a big guy too, peer pressure. We become big, blunt men. Hit the gas, bro,” he said.


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Offset was seen indulging in a cigar filled with ‘ZaZa’ and taking a puff during Kai Cenat’s livestream (Getty Images)

Cenat expressed apprehension about facing his mother’s wrath, joking, “I’m just having one, just because you’re the first rapper. What is she going to do? She’s gonna beat my a**?”


In response, Offset joked, “You gotta get that ass whooping, that ass. I’ll take it for you. Yeah, my boy, you see, no smoke comes out. Pass the button, pass the button and you got my s**t.” Cenat then turned to his fans and said, “What? It’s my first time, boys.” Then, Cenat and Offset shared a hearty laugh after the Twitch king tried it just once.

Kai Cenat’s fans say ‘that toke was smaller than Kai himself’

The live stream invited several comments from fans. One of them said, “If someone stare at a blunt like that when offered they do not need to be smokin.” Another wrote, ““And you got my shi wet” “It’s my first time” Is crazzzzyyyyy.”


A third fan said, “That toke was smaller than Kai himself fr.” Another wrote, “That boi Really Fired up Kai he hit dat bytch once passed it .. offset a real one Real Stoners iyk yk.” Someone else said, “This man a clown fr.”


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