Joe Rogan finds humor in Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo fiasco as ‘JRE’ podcast guest drops bombshell revelations

AUSTIN, TEXAS: YouTuber Coffeezilla’s guest appearance on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast has stirred controversy by shedding light on Logan Paul’s alleged failure to refund CryptoZoo NFTs, despite promising to do so back in January 2023.


During the latest episode of the popular podcast, host Joe Rogan welcomed Coffeezilla, who has gained recognition for his efforts to expose what he called the ‘CryptoZoo scam,’ an enterprise in which Logan Paul was implicated.


For the unversed, Coffeezilla produced YouTube videos accusing Logan Paul of promoting CryptoZoo despite being aware of its intentions to deceive people.


JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - MAY 09: Announcer Joe Rogan reacts during UFC 249 at VyStar Veterans Memoria
Joe Rogan discusses Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo controversy on his ‘JRE’ podcast (Getty Images)

Coffeezilla accuses Logan Paul of unfulfilled promises on Joe Rogan’s podcast

YouTuber Coffeezilla slams Logan Paul's NFT 'scam' (@coffeebreak_yt/Instagram)
YouTuber Coffeezilla slams Logan Paul’s NFT ‘scam’ (@coffeebreak_yt/Instagram)


In an interview with Joe Rogan on March 7, Coffeezilla discussed the CryptoZoo situation and how Logan has handled it so far.

“He hasn’t refunded the NFTs. I’ve actually reached out to him twice. He said he was gonna do it. After he said he was gonna do it, he’s posted nothing — there’s no way to get a refund,” he explained.


CoffeZilla added, “It’s almost been two months now, and there’s been nothing. He said he was gonna refund people, and it’s been radio silence.”

In an attempt to explain CryptoZoo to Rogan, CoffeeZilla said, “It’s just blockchain coding. It’s supposed to be randomly generated animals. You could like crossbreed your rhino with like a chicken and get like a ‘Ricken’ or something. And get even more tokens.”


However, as the conversation progressed, Coffeezilla delved into Logan Paul’s involvement.

According to Coffeezilla, numerous features of CryptoZoo remain non-functional. Furthermore, when Coffeezilla’s video exposing the situation was released, Logan Paul allegedly made excuses.


Coffeezilla remarked, “So they say they’re gonna go back and fix it now. So, Logan, after being uninvolved for like a year, suddenly says, ‘damn, what a coincidence.'”

He added, “Half the eggs don’t work. They’re not actually earning anything the whole time. So, the promises haven’t been fulfilled,” as Joe Rogan listened attentively.


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 08: Logan Paul flexes his muscles after the official weigh-in at
Logan Paul receives backlash for not compensating CryptoZoo victims (Getty Images)

In a video titled ‘Investigating Logan Paul’s biggest scam,’ Coffeezilla initially brought attention to the issue, stating, “I’ve been working on it like I was gonna launch it.”


“In reality, he had not touched it for a very long period of time. There’s just sort of all this stuff going on behind the scenes. and Logan’s quiet,” he added.

“Come to find out, he had hired basically criminals who were selling on the backend,“ said CoffeeZilla about Paul who talked about himself losing money with CryptoZoo in a different statement.


George Janko stands up for Logan Paul amid CryptoZoo drama despite ‘Impaulsive’ fallout

Logan Paul arrives for the screening of DAZN's
Logan Paul receives support despite being under scrutiny over CrytoZoo controversy (Getty Images)

YouTube personality George Janko has come to the defense of Logan Paul in the ongoing controversy surrounding CryptoZoo, despite their falling out earlier in 2023.


Fans had noticed Janko’s absence as the third guest host on ‘Impaulsive’ alongside Paul and Mike Majlak earlier in the year.

Janko has since moved on from the podcast, while Paul has been grappling with the fallout from the alleged CryptoZoo “scam,” which was exposed by YouTuber Coffeezilla.

In a recent podcast episode, Janko took a stand to support Paul concerning the CryptoZoo situation, but he made it explicitly clear that they are not currently friends.


During the September 14 episode of his podcast, Janko, alongside co-host JiDion, discussed Paul’s recent troubles with CryptoZoo.

Janko began by saying, “Alright, I’m gonna jump into this. It’s going to look like I’m d*ck riding him but I’m not. I just speak the truth.”

He continued, “I want to make it very clear, me and him are not friends right now. ‘CryptoZoo’ is not his fault. I was there when he found out, bro, and it looked like someone shot through his chest.”

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