IShowSpeed boldly compares his Sidemen Charity Match performance to Lionel Messi’s stats

CINCINNATI, OHIO: Darren Watkins, known as IShowSpeed, recently voiced his thoughts on his performance in the Sidemen Charity Match. For those unfamiliar, Speed participated in the 2023 Sidemen Charity match and garnered attention after he missed a penalty.


Following the match, one of Speed’s fans shared a post on Reddit, drawing a comparison between the YouTuber and the renowned footballer Lionel Messi. Speed mentioned the post during a livestream session and shared his perspective on the comparison.


IShowSpeed (ishowspeed/ Instagram)
IShowSpeed’s Sidemen Charity Match performance was a downer (ishowspeed/ Instagram)


IShowSpeed claims ‘I’m still better’ than Lionel Messi

IShowSpeed’s livestream clip was shared on Twitter with the question, “IShowSpeed is better than Messi?” Speed can be seen to be sharing his experiences from the Sidemen Charity Match, highlighting some memorable moments, including a missed penalty and a tap-in opportunity he couldn’t convert.

Initially, Speed was seen browsing through Reddit posts. At one point he stumbled upon a post comparing him with Messi, where he was rated at 6.9 compared to Messi’s 6.8, based on their recent performances.

Reading the caption alongside the Reddit post, Speed claimed, “Speed got a higher rating than Messi.” He then confidently declared, “Bro, this just shows y’all how a** Messi is, bro and I’m sorry, bro. This just shows y’all, how a** Messi is.”


Adding to his comments, Speed proudly labeled himself a professional footballer and openly discussed the moments that may have been embarrassing.


He expressed his satisfaction at being rated higher than Messi, stating,  “Me, a one-year professional footballer, is better than f**king (Messi). It’s crazy how I can miss a penalty, how I can miss, goddamn, tap-ins, and I’m still better than him! I’m still better than Messi, bro! Like, that just shows y’all a** the guy really is, bro. Wake up!”

IShowSpeed claimed he was better than Lionel Messi (@ishowspeed/Instagram)


Will IShowSpeed be in the next Sidemen Charity Match?

During a recent livestream on Rumble, IShowSpeed was joined by Kai Cenat and a female guest to discuss the prospect of returning to play football. In a surprising twist, Speed proclaimed, “I’m done playing football,” reflecting on the embarrassing moments during the Sidemen Charity Match, particularly his missed penalty.

However, shortly after announcing his departure from the sport, he had a change of heart. This shift in perspective came after a conversation with former player Rio Ferdinand, who motivated Speed to strive for improvement and imparted valuable words of wisdom.

After their discussion, Speed stated, “I was genuinely thinking about stopping playing football but I don’t think that’s the way. You know, just ’cause I had a bad game, do I just quit football? Just ’cause I had a bad game? I don’t think I should give up. I think there’s more to this football,” as per Sportskeeda.


From his recent statements, it appears IShowSpeed will be seen at the next Sidemen Charity Match after all.

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