Andrew Tate dubbed ‘toxic king’ as misogynist influencer claims he will never kneel to propose a woman

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the polarizing influencer, recently voiced his disdain for the traditional act of kneeling to propose to a woman on the platform ‘X’ (previously known as Twitter), affirming that he would never partake in such a gesture.


Andrew Tate's cobra tattoo (@Cobratate/ Twitter)
Andrew Tate despises the traditional way of proposing   (@Cobratate/ Twitter)

Tate’s opinions on various subjects often stir controversy among the majority of social media users.

In a recent instance, Andrew Tate took the opportunity to critique the process of gender transformation, emphasizing his belief that it challenges the divine order and attributing this as the reason for its perceived shortcomings.


Andrew Tate appered on a YouTube vlog (Mo Vlogs/ YouTube)
Andrew Tate refuses to get down on a knee for a woman (Mo Vlogs/ YouTube)

Andrew Tate asserts he would never bow down to propose

In a recent tweet that stirred quite a bit of discussion, Tate made a declaration. He firmly expressed his refusal to engage in the traditional act of proposing on one knee to any woman, emphasizing his stance with the repetitive phrase “never, ever, ever.”


According to Tate, the idea of kneeling in such a manner contradicts his view of masculinity, as he believes that a man should stand upright when offering marriage.


Andrew Tate defends himself (@Cobratate/ Twitter)
Andrew Tate asserts he only bows down to god (@Cobratate/ Twitter)


Furthermore, Tate’s ‘X’ post delved deeper into his beliefs. He expressed a profound commitment to his faith, stating that he reserves the act of bowing to God alone.

Tate wrote, “I would never, ever, ever, get down on one knee for any woman – ever. If I allow her the chance to marry me she will accept as I stand upright like a MAN. I bow to God. Absolutely nothing or nobody else.”

Andrew Tate’s trolls call him ‘toxic king’

After Tate’s firm declaration that he would never adhere to the traditional act of kneeling to propose marriage to a woman, a wave of responses flooded in from numerous users who wanted to voice their opinions on his statement.

One user wrote, “Toxic king 👑” Another user wrote, “Lol-idk guy-it’s just a tradition-I don’t think getting down on a knee asking for marriage makes you less of a man-”

Andrew Tate’s fans agree with his opinions on bowing down to propose (@Cobratate/Twitter)


A user stated, “Most women want men to lead the relationship, conversation. She enjoys the ride – not leading it. That’s why she will hate you for being controlling, and love you for being in total control.”

A user commented, “True don’t know who came up with this tradition ❤️‍🔥🙏”

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