‘RHONJ’ star Joe Gorga asked to remove ‘sacrilegious’ video calling himself ‘Father Joe’ after being ordained

FRANKLIN LAKES, NEW JERSEY: Some people may dislike ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Joe Gorga, but he doesn’t care since he is filled with the Holy Spirit and nothing can bring him down.

Joe was ordained a preacher to officiate weddings.

Joe was ordained as a minister. He posted a video on Instagram about his struggle to be closer to the Lord.

All cynicism aside, Joe accomplished something very great. In his Instagram video, he stated that he now prefers to be called “Father Joe.”

Joe was ordained so that he could preside at the wedding of Nicholas Marco, Melissa Gorga’s cousin, and his partner, meteorologist Mike Masco.

Joe remarked in the video, “I’m so honored to be officiating the marriage of my cousins this week.”

And he did appear to be overjoyed. The caption of the post also said, “Can’t wait for you all to see it. Stay tuned. This gold seal makes it official!”


“Get in here, get in here! Look at this. I’m official. I’m official.” Joe was overjoyed to be “official,” in case one couldn’t tell.

This might be the start of a completely new career for him.

“Call me ‘Father Joe.’ Next weekend, next Saturday, I’ll be marrying Joe and Nick,” he added.

Naturally, his relatives began shouting “Father Joe” and congratulated him.

Fans who seemed offended by the ‘RHONJ’ husband calling himself “Father Joe” took to the comment section to write, “Disgraziado. You’re not father joe. Insult to the priesthood and all those who go to seminary. I know he thinks it’s funny but it’s not.”

Another person chimed in, “Dude – Catholic to Catholic, please take this down. We have to do better and be better role models for society and more so for our kids. This coming from a non-perfect human but we know better. My parents would kill me and I’m sure yours are not too happy.”


One user commented, “Mocking / Acting like a Priest NOT COOL ! even though you’re all finding it funny it’s so not.”

A user claimed, “Poor Joey begging for attention.”

Another user noted, “WOW people dedicate their entire life to ministry and you guys just think it’s a big joke.”

Others joined in, “Sacrilegious… don’t find this funny. At all.”

One person wrote, “Mocking the Doctrine of Trinity. It wasn’t necessary.”

One user wrote under the post, “Father Joe? Your not a priest, just a marriage celebrant.”

Another person added, “Don’t dishonor or disgrace the Catholic church by calling yourself Fr Joe.”

Joe Gorga faces backlash as 'RHONJ' star calls himself 'Father Joe' after getting ordained (YouTube/Bravo)
Joe Gorga was shredded online for calling himself ‘Father Joe’ (YouTube/Bravo)

What does ‘RHONJ’ star Joe Gorga do?

Although the spouse of ‘RHONJ’ Melissa has a construction background, he has also been pursuing a stand-up comedy career since 2019.

In the September 14 Instagram video, he also mentioned his comedy act, which was amusing in and of itself. “Don’t forget to come see me at my comedy show on [Oct. 14] in Princeton. Get your tickets now link in bio.”


Following their mother’s passing in 2017, the Bravo star and his sister, Teresa Giudice, opened Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza in her honor.

However, that business unexpectedly folded in January 2018, and Joe has no desire to return to the food industry.

Joe presently makes the most of his money by flipping properties and running a landscaping and garbage removal service.

'RHONJ's Joe Gorga and ex-Teresa Giudice shut their restaurant one year after opening (@teresagiudice/Instagram)
‘RHONJ’s Joe Gorga and ex-Teresa Giudice shut their restaurant one year after opening (@teresagiudice/Instagram)

Does ‘RHONJ’ star Joe Gorga have any debt?

For years, stories about this individual and his dubious business practices have circulated.

During the ‘RHONJ’ Season 11 reunion, Jennifer Aydin dropped the bombshell that even the Gorgas’ bestie, Margaret Josephs, had heard rumblings on the street that Joe didn’t pay up.


Former ‘RHONJ’ star Jacqueline Laurita also confirmed hearing the rumors.

Joe is at his New Jersey house, which he and his family have lived in since November 2022.

The Gorgas engaged The Country Concrete Corporation to work on their home between September 2021 and January 2022, according to the court records.

'RHONJ's Joe and Melissa Gorga were sued for close to $111K in unpaid construction costs (@joeygorga/Instagram)
‘RHONJ’ stars Joe and Melissa Gorga were sued for close to $111K in unpaid construction costs (@joeygorga/Instagram)

Joe was first sued in November 2022 for a little more than $30K in supposed unpaid building charges. The action is also named The Morristown Lofts Development LLC.


The cost increased to $110,972.58 when the company’s original suit was revised after filing.

According to The Country Concrete Corporation, they offered Joe multiple opportunities to pay his debt, but he couldn’t come up with the huge cash.

Once more in June 2023, Joe received criticism on Instagram for failing to make good on a $16,000 debt!

When Joe posted on social media equating women to Pitbulls, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. even mentioning Melissa, his wife. He said, “Women are like Pitbulls.

They’ll break your balls and blow up your phone, text messages all day long until these guys showed up! Can’t deny she got it done.”

Joe didn’t get the responses he anticipated to his peculiar post. To call out Teresa’s brother for failing to pay his debts, @EasyOutdoorKitchens jumped into the conversation.


“Probably time you called us back to pay your past due 16k bill from five years ago for your outdoor kitchen!!!”

Former ‘RHONJ’ star Danielle Staub exposed Joe for reportedly claiming credit for flipping a property that he didn’t flip.

“I’m going to call him out. I’ll call him right to the table. It’s not right what he’s doing.” Joe “didn’t flip that house.

He doesn’t do anything without other people doing the work. He just takes the credit for it.”

The three-time father was additionally exposed for allegedly abusing staff. “Not paying people is part of their scam because they do it to regular people. All day.”


Joe and Melissa Gorga will return for 'RHONJ' Season 14 (@joeygroga/Instagram)
Joe and Melissa Gorga will return for ‘RHONJ’ Season 14 (@joeygroga/Instagram)

Is Joe Gorga returning for ‘RHONJ’ Season 14?

Despite the ensuing conflict, Teresa and Melissa will both return for Season 14 in July 2023, according to Us Weekly.

Season 14 production has commenced, and the publication has confirmed that cameras were running during the softball game.

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