‘Our journey is shifting’: Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness announce split after 27 years of marriage

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness are ending their marriage after nearly three decades of being together.

The couple announced their divorce on Friday, September 15, saying that they have “decided to separate to pursue” their “individual growth.”


“We have been blessed to share almost three decades together as husband and wife in a wonderful, loving marriage. Our journey now is shifting and we have decided to separate to pursue our individual growth,” the duo stated.

How many children do Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness have?

Jackman and Deborra-Lee who have been married for 27 years share two children, Oscar, 23, and Ava.

In their statement announcing the divorce, the pair said, “Our family has been and always will be our highest priority. We undertake this next chapter with gratitude, love, and kindness,” according to Daily Mail.


“We greatly appreciate your understanding in respecting our privacy as our family navigates this transition in all of our lives,” continued the statement signed “Deb and Hugh Jackman,” and concluded, “This is the sole statement either of us will make.”

How did Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee meet?

Jackman and Deborra-Lee, who celebrated their 27th anniversary just four months before they announced their split, first met on the set of ‘Corelli,’ an Australian TV series in 1995.


Jackman, who had just begun his career after graduating from drama school at the time, then began dating Deborra-Lee who was already an established actress.

The duo soon tied the knot in 1996.

Talking about their first meeting, the 54-year-old actor told People, “Deb, she was a big star…I get picked up, and Deb is in the front seat of the car. I’ll never forget.”

“She took off her seatbelt and she turned around and put out her hand and took off her sunglasses and said, ‘Hi, I’m Deborra-lee Furness, nice to meet you.’ I remember thinking ‘I like this girl,'” Jackman recalled.

The ‘Wolverine’ actor took to Instagram on April 11 to celebrate their 27th anniversary.

In the heartwarming post dedicated to his 67-year-old wife, Jackman wrote, “I love you so much. Together we have created a beautiful family. And life. Your laughter, your spirit, generosity, humor, cheekiness, courage and loyalty is an incredible gift to me.”

Jackman and Deborra-Lee were last seen together in public in July while they attended the men’s finals at Wimbledon and the pair’s last red carpet appearance was on May 1 at the Met Gala.

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