‘Defund the police’ activist and Dove partner Zyahna Bryant called cops on journo asking for interview

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA: Zyahna Bryant, a Black Lives Matter activist managed by Sean Lawton, recently found herself under scrutiny when Dove revealed a partnership with her.


But when a journalist from Daily Mail approached her, seeking an interview, Bryant was quick to call the cops on them.


Bryant, a community organizer and University of Virginia student, has previously advocated for defunding the police, which contrasts with her swift call to the police in response to what appeared to be a polite interview request.


Who is Mike Kochis?

Charlottesville’s Chief of Police, Mike Kochis, confirmed receiving a call from Bryant, where she expressed feeling uncomfortable and wished to prevent any potential situation.


Kochis confirmed that Daily Mail had done nothing wrong, was on a public street, and had just asked for an interview before leaving.

He described the Bryant family as “good people” and noted that he was not aware of any specific threats made to Bryant at that time.


Michael Kochis (charlottesville.gov)
Michael Kochis (charlottesville.gov)


Before assuming the role of Chief of Police in Charlottesville, Kochis served as the Chief of Police for the Warrenton Police Department for three years.

He had previously held the position of Commander within the Alexandria Virginia Police Department.

Kochis has completed his education at the FBI National Academy for Law Enforcement Executives and the Senior Management Institute for Policing, which is offered by the Police Executive Research Forum.


Sean Lawton is founder of Collective Speakers

On Friday, September 15, Kochis received a call from Sean Lawton, who introduced himself as Bryant’s manager. He said, “Zyahna feels threatened right now. This is now about her security.”

Lawton is also the founder of ‘Collective Speakers’, a dynamic speakers bureau that represents individuals who speak on topics related to the greater good.


He served as a Graphic Agent at ‘Madison House Speaks’, where he focused on providing personalities with a purpose to college, corporate, and theatrical events.

Before that, he was the Vice President at ‘Keppler Speakers’ for nearly 21 years, where he provided some of the world’s most requested speakers and entertainers to universities and performing arts centers.


Lawton was also an Administrative Assistant at Caretakers of America, where he oversaw various office functions, coordinated property inspections, and managed monthly newsletters.

He holds a degree in Communications/Public Relations from George Mason University.

Sean Lawton (LinkedIn)
Sean Lawton (LinkedIn)


“The biggest concern right now is about her security and her safety,” Lawton told Daily Mail. “That means this has now fallen into the domain of a legal matter which means we are unable to offer any comment at this time.”

When questioned about the nature of the “legal matter,” Lawton responded, “It means I am unable to offer a comment at the advice of legal.”

He revealed that his client was currently at home in Charlottesville, Virginia, and accused, “Are you in a grey SUV? She can see you from her window.”


Zyahna Bryant and Morgan Bettinger

Zyahna Bryant gained attention in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter protests when she accused a White University of Virginia student, Morgan Bettinger, of making a racist comment about BLM protesters.

She initially claimed that Bettinger said BLM protestors were equivalent to speed bumps. However, she later admitted to mishearing the comment.

Despite her admission, the University of Virginia found Bettinger guilty of making a threat against the protesters. This decision prompted significant online backlash against Bryant, with many people accusing her of damaging the student’s career.


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