Anthony Misiewicz hit in head with liner, carted off field in scary Yankees moment

PITTSBURGH – Yankees reliever Anthony Misiewicz was drilled in the head by a 100.6 mph line drive in a scary scene on Friday night at PNC Park.

The scorching liner came off the bat of Ji Hwan Bae in the sixth inning.

The lefty Misiewicz tried to get his glove out to deflect it but could not, with the ball hitting off his face and ricocheting towards right field.

Misiewicz crumpled to the ground and was immediately tended to by trainers as his teammates took knees around him, with Aaron Judge coming all the way to the mound from right field.

Getty Images
Getty Images
Anthony Misiewicz was hit by a line drive.
Anthony Misiewicz was hit by a line drive.
Anthony Misiewicz
Anthony Misiewicz was making his third appearance since being called up.
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After a few minutes, Misiewicz got to his feet to get on a cart that took him off the field, with a towel covering the left side of his face.

Misiewicz, 28, was making his third appearance with the Yankees after being called up from Triple-A last Sunday.

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