No stairs, no windows, no electricity: Inside Kanye West’s bizarre home to hide from ‘the Clintons’

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA: According to a recent complaint, Kanye West intended to make his $57 million Malibu mansion into “a bomb shelter from the 1910s” by removing electricity and windows.


The former manager of the remodeling project, Tony Saxon, has sued the ‘I Wonder’ rapper, 46, claiming that he was fired after he “expressed concerns about the extreme danger of such actions.”

Saxon claims that West only paid him for one week of labor and disregarded all of his complaints until finally firing him in November 2021 for refusing to remove the house’s windows and electricity.


Kanye West’s bizarre ideas for $57M Malibu mansion

West bought the 4,000-square-foot oceanfront property in September 2021. He hired renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando to assist with the enormous renovation plans, and he also hired top contractors.

The austere appearance of West’s Malibu estate, nestled between other beach domiciles, might make one think of a parking garage.

The mansion’s stark lines and windowless facade might seem out of place given that it was built with concrete and pillars firmly planted in the sand.


According to NBC News, Saxon claimed in the lawsuit that the rapper wanted to turn the house into something like “a bomb shelter from the 1910s,” destroying the marble bathrooms and also the windows, plumbing, and electricity.

West apparently also intended to install slides in place of the stairs.

Saxon stated, “We were going to be gutting all of that out and sort of building him a Bat Cave,” adding that the rapper desired a location where he could “hide from the Clintons in and the Kardashians in.”

While Saxon first saw the house as more of an “art project,” he subsequently realized West wanted to live there.

According to Saxon, all West wanted was plants and candles. He simply wanted battery-operated lights and an open, dark environment. West “wanted no electricity,” Saxon claimed.


Ye’s enormous Malibu mansion is now ‘left to rot’

However, in the latest pictures of the house, the enormous floor-to-ceiling windows with ocean views have been taken out, leaving that side exposed to the outdoors.

The metal railings on the deck develop rust from exposure to the salt air, wind, and water, and the interior of the house appears to be disintegrating, as per Daily Mail.


Work had reportedly stopped on the mansion’s renovations by the following summer, and it was now vacant and without windows. Due to his anti-Semitic remarks, West was eventually dismissed by several companies and business partners.


West’s Malibu neighbors claimed to TMZ that his mansion had been “left to rot” and that nobody had been around for “many months.”

West was previously spotted at the Malibu property last summer inspecting the work, but his empire has since crashed dramatically when he went on several anti-Semitic outbursts.

These anti-Semitic outbursts caused West to lose roughly $1.6 billion of his net worth and caused him to drop off Forbes’ list of billionaires.

Kanye West has been sued for $1 million in unpaid wages

The lawsuit was brought by West Coast Employment Lawyers, the same legal team that sued West for claimed health and safety violations on behalf of former Donda Academy staff members.


Saxon claims that West hired him in September 2021 to handle projects, take care of the property, and provide round-the-clock protection for the Tadao Ando-designed beach house.

Saxon further alleges in the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, that he was managing West’s revamp while working 16-hour days and lying on the floor, and that West couldn’t give enough credit that he was using a coat as his improvised bedding.


The former remodeling project manager is currently suing Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband for a number of labor code breaches, as well as for damages totaling more than $1 million in unpaid wages.

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