The cover art for Drake and SZA’s new song Slime You Out, featuring the photo of Halle Berry has turned Nickelodeon fans nostalgic by reminding them of the iconic moment from the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Drake and SZA teased the Friday release of Slime You Out by posting the cover art for the song on their respective Instagram accounts today. The new track is scheduled to drop tomorrow at noon.

Drake's Till Death Do Us Part Rap Battle Event
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Drake and SZA reveal the cover art for new song

The cover art posted by Drake and SZA features Halle Berry at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards when she got slimed.

The photo is believed to be in theme with the title of the song – Slime You Out – even though it has nothing to do with the children’s network or the actress featured in it.

Drake had previously teased fans about the release of a single track from his forthcoming album, but today’s announcement came as a surprise.

The album, For All The Dogs, is scheduled for a September 22 drop and the title releasing tomorrow marks Drake and SZA’s first collaboration.

Photo on Slime You Out turns Nickelodeon fans nostalgic

For the unversed, celebrities treated getting slimed at the children’s award ceremony as an honor and several stars have had the green goo dumped on them during the event.

The cover art for Slime You Out features Halle Berry from 2012 when she became one of the first celebrities to be doused in slime.

The tradition of dumping slime on the head pivotal in Nickelodeon‘s celebrations was first introduced on the show You Can’t Do That On Television.

The participants on the show would get slimed if they said the phrase “I don’t know”. The award show, however, didn’t need a reason to slime the famous celebrities attending the annual event.

Fans reminded of the iconic television moment

Drake and SZA’s fans felt a strong sense of nostalgia on seeing the cover art for Slime You Out.

“Halle Berry, hallelujah. Miss the Nickelodeon time, ” said one.

Another added: “Slime time!! Wow it had been so long.”

“Slime on your head Nickelodeon time, ” wrote a third fan.

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