Danny Hodgson takes aim at justice system after teen attacker accused of new crime

The teenager who left Danny Hodgson in a fight for life has been accused of another violent crime in WA.

One-punch victim Hodgson, who was close to death following the unprovoked assault outside Perth train station in September 2021, has taken aim at WA’s justice system, saying he was unsurprised to learn his attacker had been charged again.

The now 19-year-old who struck the ECU Joondalup footballer is now alleged to have punched a woman who tried to stop him walking out of a Geraldton bottle shop without paying in late August.

“He’s seen what a punch can do to someone. I’ve had six brain surgeries. I’m serving a life sentence and to be honest, he is invincible and he knows he is,” Hodgson, 27, said.

Police had opposed the teen’s bail but it was granted so he could attend a funeral. His supervision order has since been revoked and he has been arrested again.

“The judge made a call. I’m not going to reflect on whether that was the right call or wrong call but obviously we do expect the system to be able to respond by making sure that this person is removed from the streets,” WA Premier Roger Cook said.

Hodgson’s life was turned upside down when he was attacked in Perth’s CBD while he headed home after end-of-season celebrations with teammates.

Danny Hodgson has been left furious his attacker has allegedly assaulted someone else.

His attacker was sentenced to three years and eight months in detention for attacks on Hodgson and other strangers.

Hodgson requires care around the clock and his father is working to gain permanent Australian residency so he can stay and look after his boy.

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