Coles confirms another major new move to reduce theft after body cam announcement

Just days after announcing that staff in selected stores would be wearing body cams, Coles supermarket has confirmed another major new trial to combat theft.

The retail giant has introduced “smart gate technology” in selected stores as a new security measure.

The double gates open automatically after shoppers have paid for their items, and creates a barrier for those who haven’t.

Supermarket theft is currently costing the industry $9 billion a year, with Coles claiming that organised crime is big contributor to the issue.

Now a Coles spokesperson has told that the supermarket hopes the new security gate trial will help stop combat crime in stores.

“We know that retail crime is on the increase across all retailers, and we have a range of security measures in place to reduce theft from our stores including CCTV, electronic article surveillance (EAS) and in some stores, new smart gate technology that automatically opens as customers make payment for their products,” the spokesperson said.

File image of a Coles store with security gates.

Coles has also introduced new technology that “locks” the wheels of trolleys when sensors suspect that groceries have not been paid for.

Earlier this week, it was further revealed that Coles will roll out body-worn cameras across 30 high-risk stores in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

Coles transformation general manager Sophie Wong said the company was adapting to an increase in retail crime, as well as growing physical and verbal abuse targeted at staff amid increasing cost-of-living pressures.

“(It enables) us to understand in real time what is happening to our team members and the community as well,” she said.

The cameras will be fitted to workers and beam vision back live to management.

Coles staff will wear body cameras in a new trial in selected stores.
Coles staff will wear body cameras in a new trial in selected stores. Credit: 7NEWS

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