‘Your life has been going downhill’: Logan Paul crosses line by mentioning death of Dillon Danis’ dad

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Prior to the bout on October 14, Logan Paul engaged in a controversial moment during their press conference. He made a hurtful reference to the MMA fighter’s father’s passing and accused Dillon Danis of resorting to alcohol, as the two fighters exchanged verbal jabs.


Dillon Danis, who has faced intense criticism for his role in the pre-fight promotion, accepted responsibility for his involvement in an attack on Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. Due to Danis’s continuous harassment of her on Twitter, Agdal was granted a temporary restraining order against the MMA fighter.


Logan Paul will be making a comeback to boxing with his fight against Dillon Danis (@loganpaul/Instagram)
Logan Paul will be making a comeback to boxing with his fight against Dillon Danis (@loganpaul/Instagram)


What did Logan Paul say to Dillion Danis?

During the exchange of insults when Logan Paul had the opportunity to respond to his opponent, he made a controversial move by mentioning Dillon Danis’ father’s passing, stooping to a low point in their verbal exchange.

“Your life is going down hill ever since you got kicked out of Marcelo’s gym. You turned to alcohol try to drown everything out, your dad passed away, you lost friends,” Logan Paul said.


The WWE and YouTube star went on to express understanding for his opponent and suggested that his outbursts on X, formerly known as Twitter, serve as a form of “group therapy.”

“I empathise with you Dillon because I understand Twitter for you is like a group therapy session. You’re getting a sense of validation,” Paul said.


Dillon Danis hits back at Logan Paul

Dillon Danis responded by retaliating against Paul for mentioning the passing of his father. “Talk about that see what happens, you say you’re not a scumbag and talk about my dad passing,” he said.


The confrontation escalated when Paul vowed to rend Danis “limb for limb,” and the MMA star questioned why his opponent wouldn’t challenge him in the Octagon.

Dillon Danis has continuously trolled Nina Agdal and Logan Paul (@diliondanis, (@ninaadgal/Instagram)


“I will rip you limb for limb. You will not be able to breathe. I will rearrange your entire body,” Paul threatened.

Paul was prompted by Danis’ quick response to agree to an MMA match, stating: “So why are we doing a boxing fight? It’s not even a real match. It’s like half a fight. I would kill you bro (in MMA).”


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