Who is Robbie Harvey? Catherine Kassenoff’s ex-husband sues TikToker as GoFundMe launched to pay legal fees


NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Robbie Harvey, the TikToker and a reported advocate for women in abusive relationships, is now facing a lawsuit from Allan Kassenoff, the ex-husband of the New York mother, Catherine Kassenoff, as he apparently uploaded videos to purportedly reveal abuse within the former couple’s relationship.


Allan quit his job in June after taking a leave of absence, prompted by more than 20 videos originally shared by Catherine on Facebook before her apparent assisted suicide in Switzerland.


Catherine’s posts, including her suicide note, have now been removed from Facebook. However, her allegations and messages were widely circulated online and reached over three million of Harvey’s followers.

Catherine Kassenoff's now-deleted suicide note (Facebook)
Catherine Kassenoff’s now-deleted suicide note (Facebook)


Why is Allen Kassenoff suing TikToker Robbie Harvey?

In a lawsuit filed in a Florida district court, Allan Kassenoff contends that the videos of Robbie Harvey have had devastating financial and emotional consequences on him.


“With a few clicks of his keyboard and a video uploaded to TikTok, Defendant Robert Harvey financially destroyed Plaintiff Allan Kassenoff,” wrote his attorneys, as per the NY Post.


They added, “And, even worse, irreparably harmed Mr. Kassenoff’s three young children… by forcing them into a life where their identities will forever be associated with a bitter and ugly divorce and the suicide of their mother.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Harvey’s followers inundated the law firm with over 7,000 phone calls and 500 emails, all of which accused Allan of being responsible for Catherine’s decision to commit suicide.


They claim that Harvey disseminated defamatory information and contended that there was editing involved in Catherine’s videos, although it did not specify the nature of these alterations.

Allan also asserted that there was a clear “reckless disregard for the truth” in the commentary accompanying his ex-wife’s videos, along with an evident bias. According to the lawsuit, Harvey’s primary motivation for intentionally causing harm to four lives was solely financial gain.


Catherine Kassenoff had accused her husband of domestic abuse

The Kassenoff family became widely recognized in the national spotlight due to Robbie Harvey’s social media posts where Catherine Kassenoff leveled allegations against her estranged husband, accusing him not only of domestic abuse but also of employing what she described as “predatory” legal tactics to separate her from their children.


Catherine, a former prosecutor battling terminal cancer, portrayed Allan as the antagonist in their acrimonious custody battle, sharing her videos with various judges, lawyers, and friends.


Despite the courts not finding any evidence of domestic violence and granting Allan sole custody of his three daughters, his employer suspended him pending an investigation into the case. Shortly after this, Allan chose to resign from his job.


In addition to the $150 million lawsuit, Allan is seeking a court order to have Harvey’s videos removed from TikTok. He is also requesting an injunction to prevent the popular social media personality from making any further statements or posts regarding him or his family.

GoFundMe launched to cover Robbie Harvey’s legal fees

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up by Robbie Harvey to help him cover the legal fees. As of now, it has raised $1,537 out of its $100,000 goal.

Harvey’s attorney, Jonathan Davidoff, responded with a statement, characterizing the lawsuit by Allan Kassenoff as an act of “spiteful revenge” and an endeavor to “rewrite history.”


Davidoff said that the lawsuit clearly violated Florida’s anti-Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) statute, which prohibits legal action against individuals exercising their right to free speech.

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