Who is Joshua Hill? Michigan man on the run after fatally shooting mom nabbed in Domino’s while ordering food

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: Joshua Hill, a 25-year-old Michigan man accused of fatally shooting his 64-year-old mother in the suburb of Inkster, Detroit, has been apprehended after several days on the run.

The arrest took place in downtown Detroit on Sunday, September 10, where Hill was found ordering food at a local Domino’s restaurant.


What led to Joshua Hill’s arrest?

Michigan State Police had been actively pursuing Hill since Monday, September 11, following the shooting. Authorities have not released the identity of the victim yet.

Detroit Police Chief James White recounted the arrest, detailing how a city cop noticed Hill. “He recognized him from the media reports the pictures and then the intel pictures we had,” the chief said.

“He saw him downtown buying a pizza,” White told FOX 2. According to the cops he was buying stuffed cheese bread when he was nabbed.

“If you will kill your mother, you’ll do anything,” said Inkster Police Chief Bill Ratliff.

Joshua Hill  found armed at the time of his apprehension

Cops discovered Hill was armed when he was being arrested. White stated the cop who saw Hill managed to subdue him without having to do anything drastic.

“He did not have to engage in a use of force with him, someone who obviously has very little to lose and was, in fact, armed,” White said.

Hill allegedly fatally shot his mother on Labor Day.

Authorities came to a home after receving a 911 call reporting suspicious circumstances. Upon entering the home, they discovered the lifeless body of the victim.

Michigan State Police successfully recovered Hill’s vehicle two days after the incident,.

As of now, Hill’s name does not appear in a search of Wayne County inmates. Questions regarding his legal representation and plea status remain unanswered.

He is expected to face arraignment in the coming days.

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