A trend has gone viral on TikTok that sees women asking their partner how often they think about the Roman Empire – and the results are wild.

Most thought the post-Republican state of ancient Rome was something only historians pondered over, but it seems as though that’s not the case.

How often do you think about the Roman Empire?

It all started on Twitter on September 6, when a woman with the handle @KelseyMLoo shared a tweet that’s had more than 7.5 million views.

“I saw an IG Reel that said something along the lines of ‘Women have no idea how often the men in their lives think about the Roman Empire’,” she wrote.

“So I asked my husband: ‘How often do you think about the Roman Empire?’ and without missing a beat he said ‘Every day’,” the tweet continued.


“YALL! Why!?” she added in disbelief – and it’s prompted a viral trend that’s left everyone on TikTok completely mind-blown.

Funny TikTok trend sees women asking their partner

A quick search for “Roman Empire” on TikTok brings up no history videos at all, just a series of women asking their boyfriends that very question.

“Like all the time,” one husband replied. “I just mentioned it to you today… Every boy you’ve ever met is like ‘I wonder if I could survive in the Royal Legion’.”

Another guy said he thinks about the Roman Empire “once every seven hours,” adding that it’s on his mind “a fair amount”.

“Wow, recently a lot. Like twice a week, three times a week. I’ve been watching a lot,” another boyfriend revealed on TikTok.

It’s become a viral meme

It’s become one of September’s biggest memes and everyone thinks the Roman Empire trend is totally hilarious.

One person wrote on Twitter: “I love how seemingly my whole timeline is people talking about how much they do or don’t think about the Roman Empire because of this tweet.”

“All of these ladies finding out that their men think about the Roman Empire every day has been fantastic,” said another.

A third internet user added: “Finding out how often men think about the Roman Empire has been the highlight of my day.”

“Finding out men just be thinking about the Roman Empire is the most mind-blowing thing,” someone else tweeted.

So there you go. Men think about the Roman Empire far more than we could have ever imagined. Now ask your partner and see what he says!

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