‘Team Brides!’ Gio Benitez’s husband Tommy Didario shares unseen snaps from Robin Roberts’ wedding


NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Good Morning America’ host Gio Benitez’s husband and entertainment correspondent, Tommy Didario, got Robin Roberts, her wife Amber Laign, and a few other ‘GMA’ stars together for a gleeful snap a day after the eventful wedding.


The ‘GMA’ star Roberts still has a lot of celebration left to do as she will now embark on a honeymoon with Laign.

However, it looks like Didario captured the newlywed couple in a snap with the other guests who attended the wedding.

Didario uploaded a cheerful snap to his Instagram stories that even had former ‘GMA’ chief meteorologist Sam Champion in the frame.


Gio Benitez's husband, Tommy DiDario, shared a snap of the newly married couple a day afer the wedding (@tommydidario/Instagram)
Gio Benitez’s husband, Tommy DiDario, shared a snap of the newly married couple a day after the wedding (@tommydidario/Instagram)

Gio Benitez’s husband Tommy Didario shares ‘jolly’ snap after Robin Roberts’ wedding

Didario didn’t waste any time when he saw Roberts and Laign and a few other guests from the previous night, the next day.

He snapped a cute and joyful snap where everyone looked in high spirits.

Included in this snap were travel expert Emily Kaufman, former ‘GMA’ weatherman Champion, and his husband Rubem Robierb, alongside the brides, Roberts and Laign.


Benitez and Didario were also spotted in the corner with everyone in the photo looking extremely jumpy, sporting big smiles, and appearing to be cheering as they threw their hands up in the air.


Everyone in the snap was dressed casually, looking completely at ease after a night of heavy partying and dancing.

Didario captioned the snap on his Instagram story as “We got our gals married. #TeamBrides,” and tagged everyone in the picture.

Even though everyone played their part at Roberts’ wedding, it was Didario who stole the show and impressed everyone with his slick moves after being involved in a dance-off with ‘GMA’ anchor Whit Johnson.


Tommy Didario gets into dance-off with ‘GMA’ anchor Whit Johnson at Robin Roberts’ wedding

The dance floor was filled with celebrities and guest busting out their best moves.

Johnson enjoyed a mini dance-off with Roberts’ cousin Jeremiah but later it was Diadrio who took Johnson up for the challenge and got into a serious dance-off.

Didario did the running man, had his groove on, and then dived into a full split that sent the guest into a frenzy.

This iconic moment was captured on video. Roberts later showed it to Didario and Benitez who later shared it on his Instagram, capturing his husband’s reaction to his dance the previous night.


Benitez captioned the post, “The dancing! So. Much. Dancing. But this moment between @tommydidario and @whitjohnsontv, with @robinrobertsgma giving the play-by-play the next morning, was perfection. #TeamRobinAndAmber.”

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