Tottenham Hotspur striker Richarlison has admitted that he intends to ‘seek psychological help’ upon his return to England.

Richarlison is looking to put things right both on and off the pitch when he returns to Tottenham Hotspur this week.

The international break is coming to an end and the attention will turn back to Premier League action soon enough.

The first break of the season always feels so early and fans likely can’t wait for league action to be back.

Tottenham fans certainly can’t wait as they want to see more and more of ‘Angeball’ under Ange Postecoglou.

Three wins from four has been a great start for Tottenham and it all seems to be going well in North London – but maybe not for Richarlison.

Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur - Carabao Cup Second Round
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Tottenham Hotspur striker Richarlison opens up on his struggles

Much has been expected of Richarlison this season as he steps out from the Harry Kane shadow.

The Brazilian is looking to prove that he can be Tottenham’s leading striker but the goals haven’t yet flowed for him.

Richarlison has gone on international duty with Brazil but hasn’t had a great time, even being spotted in tears after being substituted against Bolivia.

Richarlison started against Peru in the early hours of this morning but had two goals ruled out in a narrow 1-0 Brazil win.

The Tottenham striker spoke to Globo Esporte after the game and opened up on everything he has been dealing with in 2023, giving a brave and emotional interview.

Richarlison admitted that he is presenting himself as a ‘happy team player’ on the pitch, but he has struggled off it of late.

‘The storm has passed’ in Richarlison’s mind, admitting that he has endured a ‘turbulent time’ over the last five months, but understandably wouldn’t go into details about that other than to say that people around him who only wanted money are no longer in his life.

Richarlison added that his tears against Bolivia were not because he played poorly or because he was substituted, but more an emotional release after all of his off-field battles.

Peru v Brazil - FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier
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Richarlison also admitted that he intends to ‘seek psychological help’ when he returns to London and will speak to Tottenham this week in an attempt to get back on track both as a player and as a person.

“On the field I’m a happy team player, I try to help as much as possible,” said Richarlison. “Sometimes, things don’t go the way we want. I think this part is a bit of the off-field side that ended up getting in my way. Even though you want to do things right, it ends up going wrong. I will continue to focus on the club, the storm has passed.”

“I went through a turbulent time in the last five months off the field. Now things are right at home. People who only had an eye on my money walked away from me. Now things will start to flow, I’m sure I’ll get a good run at Tottenham and make things happen again.”

“That sad moment wasn’t even because I played poorly, in my opinion I didn’t play a bad game in Belém, it was more of an outburst about the things that were happening off the field, which got out of control not on my part, but on the part of people who were close to me.”

“I’m going to go back to England, seek psychological help, from a psychologist, to work on my mind. That’s it, come back stronger. I believe I will be in the next squad, I will work for that. It’s about getting a good streak at Tottenham, this week I’m going to sit down and talk to them, I need a good streak, get the rhythm of the game and get here well,” he added.

We can only commend Richarlison for talking about his mental health, something isn’t taking into account in football as much it should be; players aren’t robots and hopefully, Richarlison can come out the other side as a person and as a player.

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