Nelly confirms he’s dating Ashanti, fans say ‘it’s 2002 all over again’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Nelly and Ashanti haven’t been discreet about their renewed connection, but they only officially acknowledged their rekindled relationship this month.


In one of his recent interviews, the ‘Just A Dream’ artist happily confirmed that he and his ex are giving their love another chance. However, he confessed that it was unexpected for both of them to naturally gravitate back towards each other.

Nelly opens up about rekindled romance

“Yeah, we cool again,” Nelly revealed to the hosts with a wide grin. His beaming smile and noticeably flushed cheeks made it evident that he has strong feelings for Ashanti.


Reflecting on their journey, the 48-year-old remarked, “I think it surprised both of us, though. “It wasn’t anything that was like, I don’t think, planned. We both was pretty much doing what we do.”

HOLLYWOOD - JULY 25:  Rapper Nelly and actress Ashanti arrive at the premiere of 20th Century Fox's
 Rapper Nelly and actress Ashanti didn’t plan on getting back together but naturally gravitated towards each other when they reconnected (Getty Images)


Nelly went on to say,  “Sometimes being separate allows you to understand one another more. You can be like, ‘Yo, let me see exactly, maybe, what they see.’ We all can be defensive, sometimes, in our own relationships.”

While he didn’t delve into specific incidents, it seems he’s committed to gaining a deeper perspective rather than clinging to past disagreements.


Seeing former couples reconcile is always heartening, but Ashanti’s fans primarily enjoy her vacation content. She has shared captivating photos from beautiful destinations in 2023, including recent shots in a green bikini.


Ashanti confirms relationship with Nelly at the VMAs

Ashanti appeared utterly captivated as she held a small clutch featuring a vintage photo of the couple from the early 2000s on its front.

Complementing her custom accessory with a striking ensemble, the ‘Foolish’ singer wore a dress adorned with rhinestones, featuring a daring front cut-out that revealed a turtle-shaped, jewel-encrusted bra.

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 13:  Recording Artists Nelly and Ashanti during Ashanti's surprise birthday di
Recording Artists Nelly and Ashanti during Ashanti’s surprise birthday dinner hosted by Nelly at STK on October 13, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)


While Nelly kicked off the evening with a performance of his 2002 hit song ‘Hot In Here’ during the VMAs pre-show, Ashanti openly expressed her admiration for her partner on the red carpet.

“We’re in a great space, everything is positive, we’re having a lot of fun,” she told People magazine.

When queried about the possibility of another joint project between them, she playfully slipped in a “maybe!” as she was guided through the crowd.

Fans say ‘it’s 2002 all over again’

One of the twitter user wrote, “I feel like it’s 2002 all over again”

Another commented “History repeating again”

“They both look great together. Hopefully their relationship will last. All the best to them” one penned.

One twitter user wrote “I always felt like they were meant to be. Just do it all the way this time. Love each other and have a beautiful family.”

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