A Reddit story titled ‘My sister ruined my credit so I ruined her life’ has prompted users to shower the OP with love and support after hearing about the strained relationship he shared with his sibling.

If you ever find yourself in a complicated relationship or are bogged down by family issues, Reddit is just the right place to find solutions offered by strangers. The ‘AITA’ posts are popular for bringing to us the unknown challenges unique to each situation and relationship. Today, we discussing the post about an “evil” sister and her malicious intentions that propelled the OP to ruin his sibling’s life forever.

Reddit user says ‘My sister ruined my credit so I ruined her life’

The OP has a little sister who was always treated as the golden child. Her parents beleived she was their “rainbow baby” and never refused to meet any of her demands.

The OP, 21, however, spent most of their life sharing their stuff with the little sister,18, who never really cared about her sibling’s needs.

The parents always prioritized their daughter, which made the OP feel undeserving. While the Reddit user felt their emotions were being ignored, the sister always got what she asked for and even used her sibling’s stuff because she was the youngest and the OP didn’t have much say in it.

Meanwhile, the parents never found issues with their daughter’s behavior even if she went to her older sibling’s room and broke stuff, including a PS4, which the OP bought with their own money. The mother and father would brush the issues off as nothing because she is “only a child”.

When the sister wouldn’t have it her way, she would throw tantrums and fall on the ground crying, only to get what she wanted.

The OP had to take care of their expenses covering the school and sports supplies in high school because the parents invested all their money in the daughter.

OP teaches the spoilt sister a lesson

While the OP used their old phone for years, the little sister would get a new iPhone every year. Having had enough of the partiality, the OP decides to save up enough to move out of their parents’ house.

But, it wasn’t until then that they realized how evil the sister was. When the OP was on the hunt for an apartment, they realized their credit score was extremely low, even though they never owned a credit line.

On checking with the bank, the OP realized their sister had taken multiple credit cards using the sibling’s name and maxed them all out while successfully hiding the bills for a long time.

The OP hadn’t been more furious in their life and when they showed their parents the proof of what the sister had done, they defended their daughter as always and said “she is just a kid” and “probably didn’t understand” what she was up to.

The OP decides to spend the next few days at a friend’s while serving their sister. They also turned their phone off as the parents started to blow the phone after the sister got served.

When the OP went to their parents’s house to pick up their stuff, the sister pleaded with them to drop the charges against her as it would ruin her life even before she graduated high school.

But, the OP was determined to sue the sister for every last penny that she had stolen from them.

Users think the older sibling deserves better

Reddit users are emotional over the OP’s plight and wish them nothing but the best in life after having endured so much pain growing up in toxic family dynamics.

One said: “Bro it’s high time you got out of your house. You deserve better.”

“Go no contact with your family and it’s up to you if you want to forgive your sister. But don’t go back,” said another.

A third one wrote: “This is so heartbreaking. I grew up with siblings who got better treatment. I hope OP finds joy again.”

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