A new story titled ‘My MIL wants to share my husband and I’s bed’ has left internet users alarmed. After learning about the poster’s incredibly messy situation, many users are urging her to run.

The internet is teeming with stories of messy family dramas. Every now and then, users share a tricky situation they are stuck in, either in relationships or at work, and fellow users provide them with useful advice and a new perspective. One such recent story is the ‘My MIL wants to share my husband and I’s bed.’ The messy story is giving many internet users the ick, while others are asking the original poster (OP) to get out as quickly as possible.

‘My MIL wants to share my husband and I’s bed’ story explained

The story revolves around a woman dealing with an overbearing mother-in-law who does not understand boundaries. The OP’s husband too does not seem to understand how his relationship with his mother is beyond what would be considered normal.

The OP reveals how her mother-in-law has always been “weird” and touchy with her husband. She further states how her hubby’s mom spends all the time holding her son’s hand whenever she visits. She even strokes his hair and sits on his lap every now and then.

While this itself would weird many readers out, what happens next will surely set the alarm bells in most people’s minds.


When the OP and her husband decided to move away from their hometown, her mother-in-law had a “full-on panic attack” because they were moving far away from her.

The husband assures his mother that they will be visiting her very often. The OP is happy to start her family with her hubby in a new place as her mother-in-law would keep visiting them every single day when they lived in the same town as her.

The OP recalls how her husband gave his mother the key to their old place without asking his wife and the mother-in-law would be in their house all the time.

MIL asks to sleep in the same bed as her son and his wife

The mother-in-law’s latest move has OP thinking of asking her husband to choose between her and his overbearing and touchy mother.

She reveals that the MIL decided to visit the OP and her husband in their new house the week they moved in. The OP’s husband justifies his decision to welcome her by saying he is just trying to be a good son.

When the mom arrives at night, she puts her bag in the couple’s master bedroom where they sleep. The OP tells her that they have set up the guest bedroom for her. But, to her absolute shock, her mother-in-law giggled and said “That’s alright, I am going to be sleeping in here right next to my baby.”

When the OP discusses this with her husband in private, he says that they should let her sleep in their bedroom as she is still adjusting to them moving far away.

This makes the OP realize that she has married a full-on momma’s boy who consistently chooses his “creepy” mom over her. She decides to take time away from her husband to reevaluate their marriage.

Users react to mother in law’s antics

If you’re screaming ‘RUN’ after reading the above story, you’re not alone. Here’s how a few other readers reacted to the OP’s plight…

“Omg girl RUN!!!!!,” a user said with several red flag emojis.

“It’s ok to love your mom but not to loooove your mom that’s so icky,” a second person expressed.

“Please tell me she divorced him” a third user added.

“It makes me wonder if MIL did something to him when he was little, but called it normal… cause now he thinks that her behavior is normal,” another user speculated.

“IMMEDIATE DIVORCE” commented another user.

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