TikTok users are itching to decode the acronym PMTAWAMOWM or PMTTWAMOWM as the new slang with a raunchy meaning has taken over the platform.

TikTok is famous for popularizing informal terms unique to Gen Z and millennials. The slang is often found in various forms of texts on the social media platform, and those who aren’t aware of what it means are bound to feel out of place. So, we have found the meaning of PMTAWAMOWM.

Meaning of TikTok slang PMTAWAMOWM

The TikTok slang PMTAWAMOWM stands for: Pin me to a wall and make out with me.

It isn’t clear how or when the raunchy phrase became popular, but several users appear to be including it in their dialogues.

Many videos on TikTok depict the reactions of people to learning the meaning of PMTAWAMOWM, which is best used in a flirtatious exchange or when sent to a romantic partner.


You can also find different variations of the viral term where only the first half of the acronym, PMTAW, which stands for “pin me to a wall” remains constant and it is followed by other combination letters to complete the phrase.

Users react to its raunchy meaning

Most TikTok users did not expect the above to be the definition of the slang PMTAWAMOWM. The sensual meaning it hides clearly took them by surprise.

“Okay! I just got it and I wish my mind worked this fast for the math homework,” said one.

Another added: “I so want to send this to my boyfriend!”

“I read that with no hesitation, what is wrong with me,” a third user wrote.

Another said: “If only I knew this earlier when I trying to shoot my shot.”

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