Madison Beer celebrates ‘Silence Between Songs’ album with stylish vinyl ahead of release and fans ‘couldn’t be prouder’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Music enthusiasts and Madison Beer fans are eagerly counting down the days until the release of her highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Silence Between Songs’, scheduled to release this Friday.

As excitement builds, many have taken to social media to celebrate the impending arrival of the album.

Joining the festivities herself, Madison Beer recently treated her Instagram followers to a glimpse of the vinyl edition of her album. In a captivating Instagram gallery, the talented artist showcased the physical embodiment of her musical creation.

Madison Beer unveils ‘Silence Between Songs’ vinyl edition ahead of album release

The snapshots depict Beer standing in her kitchen as she joyfully presents the vinyl version of ‘Silence Between Songs’. In an accompanying Instagram story, Beer revealed that only a limited number of vinyl copies remain, adding an element of exclusivity to her album release.

Scheduled to launch on September 15, the album promises to be a musical journey filled with artistic prowess. The album boasts a total of 14 tracks, including previously released hits such as ‘Spinnin’, ‘Showed Me’, ‘Home To Another One’, ‘Dangerous’, and ‘Reckless’.


Each track on the album showcases Beer’s impressive talent and lyrical depth, making it a highly anticipated addition to her discography.

Fans were excited and hyped as she posted about the vinyl edition and took to the comment section to express their thoughts.

One user wrote in awe, “Just you casually posting with your best album. yup,” while another user wrote, “ANOTHEERRR YEEEAARRR WE’RE STILL HEREE MADS !!!  couldn’t be prouder.”



A third person wrote, “It’s gonna be a Pisces album for sure and im sooooo glad of it.”

Madison Beer discusses her therapeutic journey and Justin Bieber’s tweet

Madison Beer, the talented singer-songwriter, made a special appearance on ‘Access Daily’ alongside hosts Kit Hoover and Mario Lopez to dive into the heart of her eagerly awaited sophomore album ‘Silence Between Songs’.

During the candid conversation, Beer delved into the emotional and personal aspects of her musical journey, shedding light on the therapeutic nature of creating this album and her own mental health journey.


As the discussion unfolded, Madison Beer shared that working on ‘Silence Between Songs; was an incredibly therapeutic experience for her. She expressed how the process allowed her to confront and navigate her inner thoughts and emotions, ultimately helping her find solace and healing.

Beer revealed that she feels like she has emerged from her personal struggles stronger and more self-aware, stating that she “feels like I’ve come out on the other side of it now, but for years it was very hard.”


Madison Beer attends White Fox After Hours at Delilah Los Angeles at Delilah on October 18, 2022 in West Hollywood, California.
Madison Beer admitted that working on ‘Silence Between Songs’ was an incredibly therapeutic experience for her (Getty Images)

She also discussed what it meant to her when Justin Bieber tweeted a video of her singing Etta James’ ‘At Last’ in 2012. Beer expressed her awe by humorously saying the moment felt surreal, explaining her thoughts at the time by saying, “I must’ve died and this is heaven.”


As fans eagerly await the release of ‘Silence Between Songs’ on September 15, Madison Beer’s candid and heartfelt discussion on ‘Access Daily’ provides a deeper understanding of the personal journey and emotions that have shaped her music.

The sophomore album promises to be a significant milestone in her career, and fans can’t wait to experience the heartfelt melodies and soulful lyrics that Madison Beer has poured into this new musical chapter.

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