‘Don’t let people devalue you’: YouTuber CinnamonToastKen refutes claims of PewDiePie making his career

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: CinnamonToastKen, an American YouTuber now living in Australia, has gained millions of subscribers since 2011. But, many attribute his success to PewDiePie.


Recently, the YouTuber has responded to assertions that PewDiePie is solely responsible for his success and that he wouldn’t have reached his current status without assistance from the Swedish creator.


What did CinamonToastKen say?

PewDiePie and Ken have collaborated frequently over the years, but Ken argues that some people tend to overstate PewDiePie’s impact on his channel as a way to “devalue” his contributions.


Ken responded strongly to critics who claimed he “wouldn’t be anything” without PewDiePie, aiming to silence such assertions entirely.

While Ken acknowledges PewDiePie’s substantial influence on his career, he also emphasizes that he seized the opportunity and leveraged the boost he received.


CinnamonToastKen is an American YouTuber (@PewDiePie/Instagram)


Ken asserts that he built his own brand by crafting content and fostering connections with the right individuals. “It was all worth it in the end, despite putting up with a bunch of s**t” initially,” he said.

On September 11, he took to Twitter and wrote a long message. “Don’t let people devalue you. Something I hear all the time, pewdiepie made you, he shouted you out, you wouldn’t be anything without him.”


He added, “100% he has helped my career. That shoutout took my channel from 1500 to 3000 subs 10 years ago. Most people dont even realize he shouted out another channel in that video. Difference is I kept going.”

Ken also said, “Through continuing to make content, networking, and putting up with a bunch of s**t I now have everything I ever wanted. People will always run their mouth and make you feel worthless, or nitpick your shortcomings. Its important to realize what you have and appreciate it.”

Fans support CinamonToastKen on ‘X’

At the time of writing, the tweet had more than 400k views and several comments. A user wrote, “I really enjoy your content! Thanks for taking the opportunity and running with it so I have so much fun stuff to veg out to and laugh along with when I can’t hangout with friends IRL! My wife and I even enjoy watching your videos together!”

A second user wrote, “Can you shout me out? I really need to make rents.” A third user said, “I watch you & @bufftron all the time. Thanks for showing up and being consistent.”

A fourth user wrote, “You’re proving time and time again why it’s so easy to support you. Keep going, my gf loves the TCAP videos! :)”

Another user wrote, “Additionally, you have reinvented CTK over the years keeping yourself relevant. Felix helped you and that is something I am sure you are forever grateful for. Included in that is your willingness to continue down the path of creating content and staying consistent. Love ya bro!”

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