CIA whistleblower alleges senior member bribed colleagues regarding COVID origin

The Australian’s Washington Correspondent Adam Creighton discusses a CIA whistleblower’s allegation a senior member of the Central Intelligence Agency bribed six junior colleagues to come up with the conclusion none of them knew how COVID emerged.

Mr Creighton joined Sky News Australia host Paul Murray to discuss the “staggering” and “politically convenient” operations the CIA reportedly undertook.

“If this is true, that they bribed someone to basically come up with a politically convenient explanation for COVID, then the reputation of the CIA will be lower than it already is,” he said.

“The CIA formed a group of seven experts within the CIA and six of them were bribed, apparently – the quote was ‘a significant financial incentive’ to change their conclusion.

“So those six apparently concluded that it leaked from a lab – the seventh and the most senior person in that group that was formed basically thought that it came from a market, and that was the final public conclusion.”

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