Ariana Grande tears up while getting candid about using makeup to ‘disguise’ her beauty insecurities

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ariana Grande made an inspiring speech regarding self-confidence and body positivity during a session with Vogue Beauty Secrets on Tuesday, September 12.

While talking about her beauty journey, Grande even shed tears remembering the days when she used makeup as a “disguise” to compensate for her weaning confidence.

The singer’s fans who are called Arianators, as well as the other netizens, rushed in to praise the ‘Everyday’ star for her transparency and hailed her without any reservations for the empowering speech.

Ariana Grande gets candid about her use of fillers and Botox

Ariana Grande, who will be appearing as Glinda the Good Witch in the upcoming film ‘Wicked’, shared with her fans her emotional journey of growth and self-awareness, which includes using Botox at a young age.


The 30-year-old pop star claimed that she no longer feels the use of beauty injectibles.

The R.E.M. Beauty founder said, “Full transparency as a beauty person, as I do my lips. [I’ve] had a ton of lip filler over the years and Botox,” in the Vogue interview.

She then remarked, “I stopped in 2018 because I just felt so — too much. I just felt like [I was] hiding, you know?”

The ‘Save Your Tears’ crooner became visibly emotional and shed tears while simultaneously sharing that she “didn’t expect to get emotional.”

Grande nonetheless explained that makeup was used for “hiding,” as she added, “I, over the years, used makeup as a disguise or as something to hide behind.”

The singer also said that her dramatic high-ponies and intense dark-winged eyeliners were used for the same purpose, as she explained, “More hair, more and more, [the] thicker the eyeliner… and that can be so beautiful at times and I still do have love for it.”

Why did Ariana Grande use cosmetic procedures?

Ariana Grande did not keep her fans at lurch regarding why she opted for several invasive procedures, saying, “Being exposed to so many voices at a young age and especially when people have things to say about your appearance and stuff at a young age.”


She continued, “It’s really hard to know what’s worth hearing or not, but when you’re 17, you don’t really know you don’t know that yet.”

What is Ariana Grande’s current beauty philosophy?

Now that her philosophy around beauty has changed, Ariana Grande no longer finds it necessary to hide behind makeup, as she shared, “I don’t love [disguise] being the intention behind it anymore.”


Rather, makeup has now become her mode of self-expression, as the singer said, “I think of it as self-expression now and accentuating what is here. Our relationships to beauty are so personal, like we’re here talking about beauty secrets, isn’t the secret that we all just want to feel our best and be loved?”

She not only tries to own her natural beauty but also wants to age gracefully. Even though she has grown out of her invasive procedures days, she has pledged to support anyone who feels the need for them.

The ‘7 Rings’ singer added, “To each their own, whatever makes you feel beautiful, I do support, but I know for me I was just like, oh, I want to see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines.”


“I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper. And I laugh more and more and I just think aging can be such a beautiful thing,” concluded the star.

Fans react to Ariana Grande being candid about her beauty insecurities

Following her tearful confession, Ariana Grande was hailed by her fans, who praised her honesty and resilience.

One said, “Pls let her know, that we ADORE videos like this !!! so real, loved it love her #beautysecrets.” Another gushed, “So transparent & sweet ♡ fave person! such a great videoooo.”

“I’ve cried. i am so proud of her. she is healthier than ever. i love her the most with all of my heart :’),” wrote one, with a fan adding, “The way she showed us totally vulnerable transparency about her beauty talking about the lips and everything is the reason why i love her more and more!!”


Another praised the songstress and said, “Please let ariana know that we are so incredibly proud of her and how far she’s come and it’s evident that she’s grown so much n nothing makes me more happy to see that :,) my heart feels so full after watching this video. my girl forever !”

One expressed, “Pls tell ariana i love how transparent she was and this is always going to be a comfort video for me <3 tiny comment but just want to let u know this vid means a lot to me already <33.”



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