Joe Rogan can talk to anyone about anything. On their podcast channels or social media accounts, UFC commentators will share their insights on any available topic. Given his background in comedy, Rogen may also share his insights from a comedic perspective. This time, the UFC commentator re-shared a popular science post. Yep, the former “Fear Factor” host is totally in disbelief that scientists have found new research related to eggs. He shared the news on Instagram, which left him devastated.

Joe Rogan isn’t shy about speaking his mind online. The controversial podcaster has been vocal about various issues in society and within his former organization. Also, he got in trouble for his opinions. But those issues didn’t deter the UFC commentator. He shared a message about scientists claiming that the chemical ‘choline’ contained in eggs can cause death.

As the controversial commenter put it in his Instagram caption, “Either this is black belt-level provocation, or the AI ​​has become sentient and started having sex with us.”


UFC commentators may be baffled by scientists waging war on eggs, yet most won’t talk about the harmful effects of vaccines and other chemicals.

A UFC commentator shared the post, explaining the absurdity of the study. The post, originally shared by Robb Wolf, reads: “These researchers say the choline in eggs is the problem, and while most people don’t get enough of it, those smart pants insist it’s going to kill you Your arteries become mile-long filaments as the choline is converted to a scientific substance called TMAO, which is supposed to really start this coagulation cascade!” the biochemist added in a long caption.

Furthermore, the scientist explained: “Would you like to know an even weirder detail? Fish provides far more TMAO than meat and eggs, but these scientists only blame eggs and meat for TMAO! Crazy. Apparently, many people Had serious clotting issues, but I’m sure the eggs had changed a bit in the past two years.”

Several people were discussing it in the comment section, and many others were joking.

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