Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League aims to tell another superhero story – a deadly villain, brainwashed hero and a group of desperate (unwilling) people to save the world. It stands out as a riveting and surprisingly bloody experiment in the wave of superhero video game adventures. With rival comics company Marvel currently dominating the video game box office, it could also boost DC’s status and usher in a new batch of color blockbusters in the future.

Here’s what we know about the game, including its connection to the Batman-Arkham universe.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a third-person action-adventure game where up to 4 players can play as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark or Captain Boomerang across a vast open world while trying to kill Save the world from the Justice League brainwashed by legendary DC villain Brainiac.

With no heroes left to save the world, it’s up to the so-called Suicide Squad to defeat the parasitic aliens, defeat the “evil” Justice League, and save the world from total chaos. Like most of the other Suicide Squad characters, the team will be paired with Amanda Waller’s Celestial Eye. Teams against their will.

The game can be played solo or in co-op multiplayer with other AI-controlled characters.

This is the third iteration of Suicide Squad we’ve seen outside of the comics so far, with both 2016’s Suicide Squad and 2021 Suicide Squad showing off new team rosters. In-game versions include Harley Quinn, Shark King, Dead Archer, and Captain Boomerang.

Harleen Quinzel is the most famous character of the four. She started out as the Joker’s romantic partner and grew into a big-mouthed, dog-talking slugger with wild acrobatic skills and weapon prowess. Although she has no superpowers to speak of, she is very smart and quick on her feet. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) is a highly accurate marksman known as the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe. He appears frequently in Suicide Squad, often expressing a desire to die in spectacular fashion. Given the earth-shattering events in the game, he might just get his way.

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