Gwen Knapp was fierce and great at what she did and I’ll never forget when my colleague was a jerk and argued with her over a phone line at the 2001 World Series. She asked him if he’d like to step outside and he declined. RIP Gwen. Just give her a phone line & get out of the way. Gwen Knapp and I worked side by side for years. We fought tooth and nail every damn day. We’d get to work, she’d warmly greet me, check in on my kids and then roll up her sleeves for yet another scrap. Everyone should have someone so willing to challenge them to be better.

Gwen knapp

Sad to hear about the death of our colleague @gwenknapp. A kind colleague and a journalist who could do it all. She was one of the @nytimes editors who shared the @ACESEditors prize for best headlines in 2021 with this zinger. May her memory be a blessing

Research programs at the Gwen Knapp Lupus and Immunology Research Center take a multidisciplinary approach to the study of autoimmunity and successfully coordinate basic research with translational and clinical research.

The facility is fundamental to accelerating the translation of basic laboratory research into clinical practice that directly benefits humanity. The rheumatology department’s experienced team of doctors collaborates with geneticists and researchers to conduct clinical research based on the latest knowledge of the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. These specialists assess the genetic risk of patients and family members and provide them with new treatment strategies. UChicago’s team of researchers and clinicians is actively involved in the education of undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and physicians.

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