Rumors of Daz Black’s death are circulating again as the British YouTuber is currently suffering from a “serious” illness. The gamer shot to fame on YouTube in 2017, and most of his videos feature screenshots of him playing games and his hilarious comments.

Daz, which now has over 7 million subscribers on the platform, has debunked rumors of a death hoax and revealed the truth to fans. No, Daz Black is not dead. Rumors circulated online that the YouTuber had passed away as he was less active on social media.

A video posted to TikTok said Black’s YouTube handle, “Daz Games,” had “tragically passed away.” The clip then shows a video of the YouTuber riding the roller coaster. However, Daz himself revealed on Twitter that he is alive and just “resting for a few days”. Blake revealed that he is currently suffering from “severe food poisoning” and needs to take some time off.

Fans left messages in the comment area to express their blessings and support. “Take a break and get better. We’re not going anywhere,” wrote one user, while another said, “Hope you feel better soon, food poisoning sucks.”

Blake resurfaced on Twitter yesterday, Jan. 16, revealing that he was relaxing and watching TV rather than creating content. He wrote: “I started watching The Last of Us tonight. My favorite game of all time. Let’s go!” This isn’t the first time Daz has had to make it clear to fans whether he’s “dead.” He shared a video on Twitter in 2018 with the caption “I’m not dead,” followed by a laughing emoji.

As rumors of Blake’s whereabouts began to swirl, he shared an update that revealed he was in London and heading to the premiere. Sorry for not being active on his social media channels. After assuring fans that his content will be back, Black pointed out that a lot of people have been asking if he’s dead.

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