It is with deep sadness that our beloved David (Croz) Crosby has passed away after a long illness. He is lovingly surrounded by his wife and soul mate Jane and son Django. Although he is no longer with us, his humanity and kind soul will continue to guide and inspire us. His legacy will live on through his legendary music. Peace, love and harmony to all who knew David and had contact with him. We will miss him very much. At this time, we respectfully and kindly ask for privacy as we grieve and attempt to process our profound loss. Thank you for your love and prayers.

David Crosby previously revealed that issues with his ability to play the guitar were a big reason why he might be touring.

In an interview with UCR, however, he didn’t leave the door open: Staying, he confirmed, was “possible,” or something like that wouldn’t involve long distance.

Fans can fill in the gaps by performing live at Capitol Theater on Dec. 9. Filmed and recorded in Port Chester, New York in 2018, the project highlights Crosby’s collaborations with his Beacon Band, which includes Michael Union, Becca Stevens and Michelle Willis. “More than half of [shows] are new stuff, which I think is healthy,” he says, explaining the playlist. “I think it’s been a very healthy journey.”

He shared memories of the night and provided an update on new music he recently finished.

I know you’ve always wanted to release this album, so you must be in luck.
You know, man, you can try many times in your life to get a bunch of people together in a room to make music. Occasionally it can be magical. That’s when some chemistry happens. This is definitely one of them. It was like the last night of the tour and we did really well. We’ve polished off where we’re very confident and very happy. You can hear it in our voices. We’re very happy and really involved. Things like this are rarely documented, but we do, and we’re lucky.

When we talk, they’re usually finishing another album. Can you keep in touch with those shows considering they were a few years ago? Artists sometimes move on.

[I] love it very, very much because it’s good and I’m proud of it. It shows you what chemistry it was that made me fall in love with these guys in this band. You are right, let’s move on. I have finished, mixed and mastered another studio recording of Lighthouse Band. It’s ready to publish. My son James [Raymond] and I sang two songs on another Sky Trails band album. After this one, I had three songs on another Lighthouse record, but I have a whole song that you haven’t heard.

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