Michael Clarke and Karl Stefanovic Fight Video

Michael Clarke and Karl Stefanovic went viral on social media platforms after a video of them fighting were leaked.

Michael Clarke is an Australian former cricketer and Karl Stefanovic is an Australian television presenter.

In the video, Karl Stefanovic steps in between the argument between Clarke Stand his girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough.

The argument happened after Yarbrough accused Clarke of cheating on her with Pip Edwards, his ex.

After the event, Stefanovic hosted the Today show on Thursday but was silent about the footage involving him.

In addition, Channel Nine and ABC did not cover the news.

Stefanovic and Clarke had a fight at a park in Noosa while they were on holiday.

The video shows Clarke being screamed and slapped at while Stefanovic and his account tried to stop the brawl.

At the beginning of the video, Yarbrough screamed at Clarke, slapped him, and pushed him away.

Yarbrough called Clarke a liar because he called his ex and messaged her.

Clarke swore that he was not with Edwards and that he was with Belly.

However, Yarbrough did not believe him and called him a liar again.

Stefanovic’s wife, Jasmine, dragged her sister and said “Get away with Karl, get away with Karl”.

The video, shared by the Daily Telegraph, was posted on Twitter and got over 85k views.

It was about 2 minutes long and the video ended with Yarbrough pushing Klarke.

“You banged on her f****** door. I’d like to get every f****** message”.

“You want to send her to India. You want to f****** send her to India with you”.

Many social media users posted memes about the incident, mocking Clarke, Yarbrough, and Stefanovic.

A Twitter user @jacksonlangford posted a parody video of two guys flipping each other off.

The video got over 2 million views and more than 800 likes.

“Having not seen the footage, I watched this for way too long trying to figure out who was who”.

“Looks like two cats brawling on a spring night”.

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