Maegan Hall Police Officer Video

Maegan Hall, 26, was fired from the La Vergne police department in the USA after having intimate relations with 6 of her male colleagues.

Although she claimed that she had an open marriage—but her husband, Jedidiah Hall, claims otherwise.

According to Jedidiah’s boss, Chad Partin, he offered to help him, but he’s trying to save his marriage.

Hall shrugged the scandal off by saying “I don’t want to discuss it. I’m going to move on and live my life”, DailyMail reported.

Investigations were done by officials after they received reports about a female officer having intimate relationships with male colleagues.

Apparently, she suggested having a threesome with another officer and his wife and went wild in a hot tub party.

Jason Cole, the mayor of La Vergne said that Hall and four other officers had been canned for their misconduct.

Three other cops have been suspended with no pay while the remaining cops have to undergo compulsory retraining.

Jedidiah, 28, former state park ranger and Hall’s wife, said he is trying to salvage their marriage.

Sgt. Lewis Powell, Patrol Officer Juan Lugo, Detective Seneca Shields, and Ty McGowan lost their jobs after the probe.

In addition, Patrol Officer Gavin Schoeberl, Gavin Schoeberl, and K-9 officer Larry Holladay were suspended.

According to a talent search site, Hall grew up in Tennessee and wanted to become an actress.

However, she joined law enforcement in her 20s which led to her sharing intimate photos with several officers.

Hall was trending on multiple social media platforms like Twitter.

Many users shared memes of Hall, mocking her promiscuity.

Her colleagues mentioned that she drank a lot and concealed her mental health.

Davis, the Police Chief said that the actions of a few do not represent the whole department.

The incident led to La Vergne losing about 12 percent of its manpower.

According to the department, their top priority is to restore the public’s trust.

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