Aiden Hines Sister and Getting Jumped Video

Aiden Hines is a trending topic on Twitter and a video of him getting jumped was leaked on Snapchat.

Aiden Hines posted a few inappropriate Snapchat stories about his sister.

In the stories, he mentioned committing SA to his underage sister.

A Twitter user, @prof_youngboy, leaked the stories on Twitter.

He said that one of his buddies was beating Aiden in the video.

The videos of Aiden getting jumped got over 200k and 100k views respectively.

The video was unclear because it was recorded in a forest, but rumors said that Aiden was shot with an Airsoft/BB.

Other users claimed that Aiden was hit with a brick or a rock.

In another video, Aiden was getting punched repeatedly by a boy in a hoodie.

The video was posted by @JacksonLubash on Twitter and he claims that the video was recorded before they proceeded to the forest.

Aiden Hines was also a trending topic on TikTok, with one getting over 174k views and another getting over 235k views.

The video that got over 235k views was posted by @chasedabag_, who was mocking Aiden.

The video got over 6k likes and a lot of people in the comments section were confused about what happened.

A TikTok user @hotsaucelbow posted an update on the situation and said that Aiden went to court.

The video got over 260k views and more than 1.8k likes before it was deleted.

Many Twitter users were praising the kid who jumped Aiden—calling him a hero.

“He is not the hero this city wants, but the one we need.”

“May this degenerate fear for his life for the entirety he roams this Earth”.

In another update, a screenshot of a conversation between Aiden’s father and someone else (anonymous) was leaked.

Apparently, Aiden’s father said that Aiden does not have a sister named Addie and that the Snapchat videos were fake.

He also said that the Bethel Park Police Department is still investigating the matter.

“The PD is handling it and it’s just a bad Snapchat rumor”.

“You’re a random person who believes everything you read on the internet”.

“The PD is investigating and has talked to his sister. It’s fake man”.

To know more about the incident, you can search for “Aiden Hines” on Twitter and select the “Top” tab.

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