El pack de Lana del Rey que filtro en su nuevo album en reddit y twitter

It appears like Lana Del Rey fans will need to wait a little longer for her new music. Yesterday, he announced on his Instagram personal page that his upcoming album, “Sabas que hay un tnel bajo Ocean Drive?” would be released on March 24, two weeks beyond its original release date. However, they are adjusted to keep the fans entertained by exchanging song lists with artists like Bleachers, Jon Batiste, and Tommy Genesis as well as works by Jack Antonoff, Zach Dawes, Drew Erickson, and others. Another hot picture from the album’s recording session, taken by frequent creative collaborator Neil Krug, was also shared.

Lana is depicted wearing a jacket without a bottom shirt, exposing her senos. Even though the photo was shared on their private Instagram account, the fans tweeted it. Here you can view NSFW images.


The topless picture will be one of many variations on the cover of the vinyl record “Do You Know That There Is A Tunnel Below Ocean Drive?”

Do you know there is a tunnel beneath the sea? On March 24, Ocean Blvd will be accessible through Interscope and Polydor. You can keep it safe beforehand here.

The track listing for Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album, “Sabas que hay un tnel bajo Ocean Drive,” has been released. The update and the album’s cover both appeared in an Instagram post that was removed for breaking the platform’s desnudity rules. Additionally, they announced a new launch date for the project, pushing it back two weeks to March 24. The father John Misty, Tommy Genesis, Jon Batiste, and Jack Antonoff are listed in the registry, as will be explained further (via Consequence).

Since the release of Chemtrails Over the Country Club and Blue Banisters in 2021, the singer has covered Father John Misty’s “Buddy’s Rendezvous” and released the exclusive “Watercolor Eyes” for Euphoria Season 2. After joining “Snow on the Beach” from Taylor Swift’s Midnights, the album’s lead single was shared at the beginning of December. The artist said at the end of the previous year that they had stolen a portable computer, several cameras, and hard drives from his car, which led to the loss of song demonstrations and the manuscript for a 200-page unpublished book.

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