Watch Pretty Nicole Getting Beaten By 2 Girls Video Trending On Twitter (Full Video)

Pretty Nicole Getting Beaten By 2 Girls Video Trending On Twitter; Following the appearance of her viral video on social media, popular Ugandan slayqueen Pretty Nicole, also known by her stage name Pretty Nicole, has been trending on the internet for the past 24 hours.

In the video, Nicole’s best friend Cafte joined forces with a group of unknown women to give Nicole a lesson she would never forget.


They stripped Nicole and beat her with canes and sticks after accusing her of stealing Cafte’s lover.

In addition, they threatened to torture her if she didn’t dump the partner that Cafte had allegedly kidnapped.

Social media users who have seen this video have expressed their displeasure with the situation and asked the authorities to find the girls who were physically abusing one another over a man.

In all honesty, the video is horrifying, and the women shouldn’t get away with it.

During the commotion, clear pictures of Pretty Nicole have appeared online, and she is as stunning as her moniker suggests.

Watch the Video on Twitter HERE

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