Viral Video: Women dining out with “HUGE PYTHON”

Many restaurants are themed differently and want to provide you an experience that is unique. But would you ever consider eating at a table if there was a python? Sounds perilous, huh? A woman sitting at a restaurant with a python on the table can be seen in a video that is going viral on social media. Unknown is the restaurant’s location.

The video depicts two women eating together at a table. They are directly in front of the reptile. But it didn’t seem to upset the pair or anybody else in the eatery. The python even gets close to a lady at one point, but she keeps looking at her phone. But there’s a twist in this video.

Take a look at the video here:


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Since it was posted on December 8, this video has received 74,000 likes. Many individuals interpreted this video as being authentic and responded to it in a similar way.

One person in the comments said, “I will say nope. Its not for me! I’ll do take out!” A second person added, “Never. Never. Might be fake, but I ain’t eating anything in front of that thing. Not in my present life.” A third person wrote, “Are you serious?”

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