Viral Video: Groom and Bride Breaks Dance Floor as They Pull-ups

There are many dances and good times during wedding events. Many people practise their dances beforehand, while others could just improvise. But in every dance, guests excitedly await the entrance of the bride and husband. A bride and groom are seen dancing enthusiastically on the dance floor in a recent video that has gone popular online. Additionally, the duo can be seen working on pull-ups together.

The Instagram account @manishmalhotravows posted the video. The bride can be seen donning a gorgeous silver lehenga, and the groom is dressed in a tux. They are doing bhangra in the video’s opening sequence. They both perform pull-ups on a bar one after the other. They are surrounded by spectators who are applauding them as they perform.


It was recently shared this video. It has received several comments and 13,000 likes since being shared.

One person in the Instagram comments said, “are they trying to get a workout in before the feast! Lol.” A second person added, “That bride has some serious abs.” A third person commented, “Ok just to point out….that Lehenga would weight at least 12 kgs! She’s the beauty AND the beast!!!! #yougogirl.”

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