Andrea Thompson dead and obituary, Who is NBA player Tristan Thompson’s mother?

Tristan Thompson’s mother died suddenly in Toronto… TMZ finds out.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us that Tristan’s mother, Andrea, suffered a heart attack at home on Thursday…she was rushed to a local hospital where medical experts tried to revive her, but she couldn’t. Our sources claim that Tristan left LA as soon as possible to join his family in Toronto.

Tristan has posted tons of photos with his mother over the years, and it’s clear they’re very close. He also shared photos of Andrea with his children — including daughter Truy, whom he shared with Khloe Kardashian.

As you may know, Khloe and Tristan have two children together, including a baby boy who was born to a surrogate in August. Tristan has yet to comment publicly on his mother’s death.

The outlet said she suffered a heart attack at home on Thursday, after which she was rushed to a local hospital where doctors were working to treat her. However, nothing worked and she was eventually pronounced dead.

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Who is Andrea Thompson?

Andrea Thompson is the mother of Tristan Thompson, an NBA player and most recently a jogger and power forward for the Chicago Bulls. Andrea and her husband Trevor are both of Jamaican descent. They live in Toronto, Canada. Andrea has four sons, Tristan is the eldest.

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TMZ says Tristan Thompson left his Los Angeles home for Toronto as soon as he heard the news. In a separate report, they said Tristan and Tristan have a daughter named True, Kohler Kadashian, who accompanied Tristan on a private jet back to his home in Toronto when he left injured.

Andrea and Tristan are very close, and the basketball player reportedly posted several photos with her and his children.

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Details of Andrea Thompson’s age and other whereabouts have not been made public. She has stayed out of the public eye for the sake of his son’s fame and his high-profile partner, making him tabloid fodder in recent years.

Tristan Thompson has yet to comment publicly on his mother’s death. We can expect it to come soon.

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