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Horrific collision on the German A14. A convertible’s driver lost control of the car and slammed into the safety barriers with significant force, as seen by a Polish truck driver. On the spot, the man passed away, and the car kept going.

On November 17, at about 00:45, a sad collision on the German A14 highway heading toward Dresden was seen by a Polish truck driver. Near the Halle-Peissen interchange, the driver of the Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet lost control of the vehicle.

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The sports car skidded and hit the safety barriers while attempting to pass two trucks, according to the German portal, which quoted the local police.

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It is still unknown exactly what happened, but the force of the crash was so great that it severed off the driver’s head due to a terrifying series of circumstances. The convertible’s frame and fabric roof were both broken.

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On the internet, a shocking video taken by a Polish truck driver depicting the aftermath of the collision has surfaced. The car is shown driving slowly ahead in the footage, but the person behind the wheel is not seen. Be advised that the video contains uncensored language and is only suitable for individuals with strong nerves.


No information on the incident was provided by the German police. This matter is currently under investigation. The area of the A14 highway where the accident happened was restricted to traffic for a number of hours in both directions. Despite it being nighttime, there were significant traffic backups on the road. Around three in the morning, the route to Magdeburg was made open to traffic; shortly after, the route to Leipzig was opened.

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