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Ken Block accident video trending on social media like Facebook and Twitter. In this article we are going to inform you that who is Ken Block? And what happened to her.

Who is Ken Block?

Ken Block was born on 21 November 1967 in United States. His parents name has not been made public yet. Ken Block aspired to be an architect as a kid, he enjoyed drawing. Ken Block also enjoyed extreme activities such as skateboarding and dirt bike riding. Growing up in California, he had the resources he needed to pursue both of his loves.

Career of Ken Block:

Ken Block began his rallying career in 2005 and was named Rookie of the Year in RAC. Ken Block competed in the WRC and won several rallycross medals. He competed in the X Games XIII rally event in 2007, finishing second overall and earning a silver medal. Then he made an appearance on the driving show Top Gear. Gymkhana 2, a popular YouTube video, was recorded by Ken Block.

Ken Block Net Worth:

Ken Block’s net worth has been estimated to be around $200 million and repots suggest that he had a $200 million fortune in 2012 but that this had gone by up to half by 2023. He had owned an extensive car collection and at least two large properties.

Death News of Ken Block:

Ken Block died in a snowmobile accident near his ranch in Park City, Utah, on the afternoon of 2 January 2023. According to police, he was riding the snowmobile down a steep slope when the vehicle upended and landed on top of him.

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