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Recently there is a controversy ongoing on a national level on the internet where two girls who wore something controversial in the museum were mocked and were asked to remove the pictures as well. The incident we are here talking about is the incident of Alex and Eva who are the influencers on TikTok and other social media platforms,

Who have millions of followers and have been criticized as well for their pictures. Apart from being an influencer the two of them are the only f models as well who have a bunch of followers on the platform as well. Let us learn more in detail about this controversy and also know what the girls actually did. Alex Mucci and Eva Mental who are models on social media and are also models of Only F as well went on a trip recently

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And posted pictures of themselves wearing sheer tops which were seen thoroughly and their bodies were visible clearly. The two models were in a museum in Italy when they posted the pictures online and were wearing tops that were sheer and see-through as well. As soon as the pictures were posted online, they went viral in time and the followers of the two models liked the pictures for their bold move for wearing the tops openly.


But it was also offensive on various levels and was mocked by many people as well. The museum in which the two models were standing and posing as well as the museum of Uffizi which is an art gallery museum and includes some historic pictures as well. This museum is the center of Italy’s Florence in the Tuscany region. The picture in front of which the ladies clicked pictures was Botticelli’s picture of N@ked Venus

Who Is Eva Menta?

Standing on a beautiful shell which was portrayed beautifully and also showcases the artistic nature. When the pictures were shared online, it hurt the essence and the artists well, as the woman shared offensive pictures. The model also took pictures in front of Botticelli’s Primavera. This offended many people and Alessandro draghjoi, a politician from the council Brothers of Talay demanded the removal of pictures.

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Alessandro added to his statement that as the pictures were shared online he demanded the removal of them from the internet and also questioned the faculty of the museum on how they did not notice what the women were doing inside the premises. It was later revealed that the two models entered the museum with a coat on their see-through tops which covered what they were wearing and the staff did not question them.

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But later when they entered the building and were about to click pictures they just took their coat off and clicked the pictures. Alessandro added that the management needs to take action as photography is not allowed inside the museum. Alex and Eva have over 10 million followers on their Instagram account reportedly and they have over 200,000 followers on their Only F page as well. Alex’s real name is Alessia Mucci who is an Aerospace engineer,

She is an influencer with over 6 million followers on her Instagram page and she has followers on her other social media platforms as well. Eva who is Alex’s friend also has over 3.5 million followers on her Instagram page. The pictures were offensive and were clicked against the rules of the museum premises, as there was an awareness spread the officials will take action against the two women and the pictures will be deleted soon. But it created havoc among the netizens.

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