Notti DD Osama’s death video has gone viral on Twitter

Hi and welcome to my new and top trending blog in this article, we will discuss Notti DD Osama’s death video has gone viral on Twitter, this video is trending on social media, Peoples all over the world have gone loopy to get the update about subject matter, watch the more updates about trending topic.Initially, the 15-year-old girl was charged with second-degree murder. When the prosecutors learned that Reyes had surrounded the defendant and threatened her with a broom, everything changed. As soon as Ethan and his colleague arrived at the defendant, the latter stabbed him while he attempted to flee.


The officers discovered a knife and a broom during the incident. There is a video session as well.

The suspects identify is no longer known. He was reportedly sent to the New York Presbyterian hospital with white weapon wounds, according to the authorities.


The statement that he knows the victim only adds to the madness of this atrocious crime.”

Nouti Osama is a 14 -year -old rapper. The authorities believe that this has caused the tragic controversy.

Osama’s profession, educational background, and family have not been made public because his career is still in its early stages. Taxes started to arrive after hearing of the rapper’s passing.

In Manhattan, a memorial ceremony was held by candlelight. He has a smile worth a million dollars, according to a rapper friend. Reyes is committed to realising his dream of becoming a rapper, according to the unnamed source, and he works hard every day to do so.

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