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FITFCK is a fitness app that was launched with the agenda to find friends, love, and relationships for the ones who were involved in the gym or have a keen interest in being fit or bodybuilding. A piece of news came up recently that the funder or founder of Only F started investing in the FITFCK app Where he invested a huge amount in the dating app,

And it looks like the two of them are happy being partners. While the FITFCK app is highly getting downloaded, the backing by Only F will provide the game of the app more space and more development as well. Let us learn in detail about the two platforms as well as the investment details. Tim Stokely is the founder or the funder of the UK-based website Only F where the platform gives

You have the opportunity to post your private pictures and you can only view the ones who are subscribed to your content and have taken your subscription plan. In the past few days, the website is getting used on a large scale and the stars on the app are getting paid on a higher scale. While Tim, the founder decided to spend his earned money on another app called FITFCK which is a dating app meant

Who Is Bronwin Aurora?

Only for gym lovers and fitness freaks as gym lovers understand the fitness regime and they also know what the understanding of a gym lover would be. Meanwhile, Jamie Wykes Hobday is the founder of the app, FITFCK that also been growing widely and getting used as well. FITFCK was established in 2017 and Only F was established in 2018. While FITFCK was initiated when Jamie was

Undergoing a bodybuilding competition and for training purposes, he needed to eat, sleep, and work out on time, while he needed to train on a strict workout plan, Jamie went off from his daily work and stopped meeting his girlfriend. Jamie was dumped by his girlfriend three weeks before the competition and he was left heartbroken. Jamie later went on to the competition but the breakup was tough for him.

Bronwin Aurora: Wikipedia & bio

Jamie said in a statement that this app, that is, FITFCK was made to understand gym lovers and to collab two gym lovers with one another. While Jamie said that being a bodybuilder is a tough job as one has to stay away for weeks and even months to build a body and to build a career in all. Jamie said that one can date, go in a relationship or even be friends while being on the FITFCK app.

Jamie said in a statement that the investment that Tim made in the app was worth more than 3 million euros and he thanked Tim for his contribution. He added that he is delighted about the decided investment from Tim and Tim as well said that he is excited about the opportunity.

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