What Will Nier Automata Anime Release Date? Trailer, Characters, What To Expect & More!

We are here informing you about the Automata trailer that has been confirmed for the anime release date. So you are at the right place because we are here giving you information about the trailer and about the release date people are getting excited as well as crazy to know more about this as it is already to make is step in the world of anime in the coming winter which is said to be winter 2023.

So finally the wait is over as the schedule has been given to us and now it is finally ready to release with a new come back and new series as the trailer is also quite interesting and it also states and promises the people out there that they will be going to experience some real story and they will be going to enjoy this new series, Automata Ver 1.1.

Nier Automata Anime Release Date

So it will be going to release in January it would be the first part released in the winter of 2023 and according to any, they have been confirming that this series will be running on January 7th and to celebrate this particular information they also came up with a new trailer for this web series which grabbed a lot of attention of the potential fans and if you have not seen this trailer so you can also check it out.

Nier Automata Anime Star Cast

Ryouji Masayuma, is the director of the series talking about the cast of this web series so you will be going to see a lot of new faces with great work like Yui Ishikawa, Hiromi Yasumoto, Karao Akiyama, Chiaki Kano and many more. A number of people were curious as they wanted to know where they can watch this web series so it will be going to stream on the Crunchyroll app.

One of the best anime online streaming apps is Crunchyroll as it also offers tiers and 3 paid tiers. However, people wanted to know how much will Crunchyroll cost so it is being featured by a variety of brands which are available on a number of devices you have four unique tiers fan for $7.99 Mega fan for $ 9.99 and an ultimate fan for $14.99.

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