WATCH: HARUN TUSENMACHER Video Viral On Social Media

Recently the whole social media platform is filled with a video that is getting a lot of comments and people are getting curious to watch this particular video which is leaked on social media platforms as well as on Twitter you are also wondering what is this video all about so we are here and we want to inform you that this is the full video of Harun Tusenmacher and Harun Olivia leaked video. Read this article to know the updated details.

There are several people who have already viewed this particular video as it was posted by some anonymous person and just like other videos it got rapidly shared on social media platforms netizens are looking forward to watching this video on the other hand, and many people have already viewed it in which we can see Harun Tusenmacher is present in the video laying on the bed while Harun Olivia is sitting on his chest.

Harun Olivia Full Video Viral

Harun Tusenmacher Full Viral Video Explained

The whole video is filled with adult as well as explicit content and this explicit recording is creating a lot of controversies these days. There are already millions of views on this particular video. So if you are not aware of Harun so he is one of the longest-serving VOA Somali editors he has been serving his best work and he entered this in July in the year 2008 he is the editor-in-chief.

HARUN TUSENMACHER Video Went Viral On Social Media, Who Is He?

Who Is Harun Tusenmacher?

He has been working on influencing the political changes which are for the Somali Government and now when this footage was released it grabbed a great amount of interest which has been quickly emerging and becoming the most widely discussed topic on the social media platform currently and now the people who have already seen this video have a strong interest in knowing before the information regarding the content.

Who Are Harun Tusenmacher And Harun Olivia Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit Link!

Harun Olivia & Harun Tusenmacher Full Video Link

As we have already told you about the video, he has been working on the Investigative Dossier, which is said to be a fortnight investigative program and it is for the Somali media he has had a great journey and he is a hardworking person who had a great career in his journalism. This is for the first time he has been coming into existence for this type of video and now his name is already connected and making rounds online we will make sure to keep you updated with further information.

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