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Only F has become one of the platforms where one can officially launch their adult videos and can get paid as well. While three are hundreds of stars or models on their platform ones who have a unique body physique can get overall stardom on this platform.

Neha Weerasekera Video And Photos

This app can be massively audience-attracting and can also get you money as well. While there are actors, models, and even sports people opting for only f and switching their careers, one model/ actor has not opened up about her journey on Only f and her name is Neha Weerasekera. Stay tuned as we cover details about Neha and her journey as well. Neha was an actress who has been in the acting industry for a long run now.


Earlier last year in 2021 the actress was fed up with the debts and the taxes that she has to pay. The actress decided that she will go for an only f career now, while she launched her career in only the actress received massive audience love and she gained money as well. The actress started to earn double the amount that she used to earn in acting or as an actress. While many people adore her

Neha Weerasekera Latest Viral Video

For her beauty, others follow her on her Only F being her biggest fans and followers. Well, this was her journey beginning a new page in the adult industry. Neha announced her journey only f through her Instagram where she posted a picture of her laying on the bed and wearing a bold outfit. While many of her fans were shocked to see Neha in such an outfit it was her gaining massive audience attention

Who Is Neha Weerasekera?

And she gained more money through her only f. the actress-model who is 41 years old is now a sizzling model on only f and she has been interacting freely with her fans through her only f page. As per one of the reports she gained over 700,000 dollars through her only f career and this is her new job while she quit her career and become a full-time model. She also gained over 120,000 dollars per month in this industry.

Neha gained over 250,000 likes on her only f page and she has a rate of 12 dollars per month that’s eh gains from her followers who pay her for her nude/explicit pictures and video. While she gained over 250,000 likes and has over 952 posts on her adult platform page. Now that she is a top-rated model on the only f the actress-model has gained a huge income of 250,000 dollars worth on a weekly


Neha Weerasekera: Wikipedia & Bio

Basis through her modeling career on the only f. While she recently wished her followers with a bold outfit writing happy boxing in a red outfit. She also has various other pages on social media on which she posts her pictures. Speaking about social media, the influencer has millions of followers on her social media handles and she has been gaining an audience through her only f on her social media and vice versa.

The video of Neha on Instagram is NehaWeerasekera and she is a recognized user with a blue mark on her age, While she has hundreds of posts she managed to post 2.4k posts on her page and she also has over 241 k followers on her page with over hundreds and millions of likes on her posts. She gained over a million followers on her only f page as well.

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